Can I have wow on my Xbox please

Maybe try it first, before talking stupid?

im used to Fighter games when playing console. spamming combos like crazy. what fun is there to play with a controller and press a button and wait 3 seconds before u press another thhing, in casters case. gosh

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If you’re playing like that, you have your controller set up wrong. I never have to wait for anything while playing with a controller. Apart from the GCD, because I’m way faster than that.

so u can cast spells when casting or and wait for gcd? dosnt matter how fast u are when game wont allow u. i need a new keyboard… ordering now… damn

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I never said they were worse and fully understand various folks will prefer a controller, I think its great that controller support is something that the game has even if it isn’t for me.

I don’t think that’s the case, I’ve played games in the past that I could use both options (even if its a game with both PC and console versions). Its the practicality of the keyboard an mouse setup that makes that the preferred option for me when playing WoW.

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You can’t swing mouselook left and right around and same time target multiple objects or switch between them and activate your abilities at same time with controller with same precision.

I don’t have to use controller just stating you the fact. I use mouse and keyboard because they are superior compared to controller. If Xbox people want to add mouse and keyboard, that will be possible as well.

If you are fine with controller have fun by no means.

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I can cast spells whenever the game lets me, yes, no matter how short the GCD is, because I can press buttons and access abilities faster than that. The bottleneck isn’t the controller.

…you can. All it takes is practice and a well calibrated and well configured controller. Heck, I’m often more precise with the controller, because I don’t have to move a stupid mouse.

u miss my point. lets say u cast a spell that takes 3 seconds to cast… what do do??? it feels like u can go make dinner and have a sleep before u click a button again… for me thats aweefuulll. so much deadtime with a controller in ur hand

Controller games for me = u push some buttons all the time no 3 sec delay between or more. thats ugly

I think controller works just fine in a PVE environment.
But in PVP it’s something like this:

Controller = Morpheus
KB+Mouse = Neo

1+ [ 1(1)-1(0)]x-1 = 0

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FF14 has been fully playable on console since launch, ppl can do ultimates with controllers so the whole mmos can’t be played on consoles is BS anyway.

I could see the simpler games (HoTS, Diablo, Hearthstone etc) being available on xbox but not sure about WoW. There is controller integration but it was never intended for a console.

Things can ofc change with Microsoft become our new overlords next year.


A lot of classes work with a controller but are more difficult in arena with how many binds you use. A class like DH I bet I could play in arena with a controller, I’ve only levelled classes with one and that gave me like 30-40 keybinds which don’t take too long to get used to imo. For pve it was fine

Haven’t turned it on for years, it’s not even connected up to my telly any longer. Last game I played on it was Gears of War, and I couldn’t even kill the last boss on the train…

Because FF14s combat is way slower than WoW. Try play Temple of Hotmogu with 150% haste and using controller and you understand.

Hahahaha yes

Xbox one x haven’t been hacked yet lol.

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