Can Vulpera please be druids?

Which was around 16k years ago during the war of the Aqir and the Trolls. That was before the existence of Vulpera.

How hard can it be to make up a story about a group of Vulpera who left Zandalar, found their way in Tauren lands, took an interest in druidism and found out they had a good predisposition to it?
They justified Tauren paladin, Void elves, N’zoth and Azshara getting taken care of in one patch…The lore is dead, just give us Vulpera druid already.

Lasereye meme

Tauren Paladin was justified because there were signs and hints for it already. Void Elves as I mentioned already was a very badly forced writing moment, and we don’t need anymore of those to justify including something that doesn’t make sense.

Azshara isn’t dead, and we don’t even know how N’zoth dies or if he dies at all instead of just getting buried and being presumed dead. Which again sounds like a disappointing writing moment. Bfa in its entirety is a novel worth of bad writing moments.

I’m not opposed to Vulpera getting druids, but it doesn’t make sense for them to be druids. There is literally nothing that cultivates the existence for Vulpera druids. Besides Their entire culture revolves around them being a scavenger/shamanistic tribe of desert nomads/traders. Writing off a small group of Vulpera that journeyed around and were taught druidism, sounds like a very forced way to include them lol.

And keep in mind if you include druid class for them then you will have to include a druid class for the Alliance, because right now there are more druid races on Horde than Alliance. Adding Vulpera druids will just increase the number of the faction disparity even more than it currently is.

This made me laugh harder than it was supposed to. XD

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Which is depressive if they did. Since tecnically only Human and Dwarves have actual paladins. Meanwhile no other race than pandaren makes sense as Monks.

Dubble mistake on their part since 2 our of 3 of their specs made perfectly sense for Zandalari, and people seems to be pedantic about warlocks and fel which is just one part of their arsenal. Seriously, Affliction/Curses pretty much a troll hobby.

And if “Resto” shamans/ water mages/priests were enough to give Kul’Trians shaman, why wasn’t trolls obsession with curses and hexing enough to give them warlocks.

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There is nothing about their culture which hinted for Warlocks, Mages and Priests either, yet somehow they got those.

This is true, Zandalari make more sense for them to be Warlocks than Vulpera does.

Some of them do use magic, albeit it’s not a mage’s magic but you get the point.

We’ve seen Vulperan healers. Which can translates to either Priests or Shamans. Kiro falls in that category for example. Besides they seem to be worshipping the desert/sands, since alot of their quotes includes the sands in it.

And I thought I sounded entitled when I complain about various choices within the lore that blizzard makes.

Atleast I never complain about how a certain race can not be a specific class.

Just what the hell? Do people seriously only play a single class?

And do people seriously only want to play a single race all the time?

What even is this.

Sorry, but you who does above should never be the one being catered to, waaaay to hard to satisfy regardless, and we’ll risk having diminishing returns for the vast majority.

Yes. Some dude got 50 lvl 120 warriors.

Yes, definitely yes.

Meeh, all races should be able to be any class, at least if they are going to let anyone and their mum be monks… The lore excuse against it is that the racial faction it the player originates from doesn’t practice x.

However that can pretty much be ignored since you really only need one that have decided to pick up x class independently, that one being the player character.

Like warlocks, canonically they are hated by everyone save for Undead, Dark Iron and maybe gnomes and goblins, yet still more than those races can play them like humans and orcs, which makes honestly no sense lorewise since human and orc warlocks which pretty much brought ruin to Azeroth and would thus in any resonable lore situation be hounded to death.

you GOT LIke for this!

It’s a shame Vulpera can’t be druids, I always imagined that they’d have the will to try and restore the dunes to what they once were and maintain the few lush oasis areas that are left in Vol’dun. It would also be a great survival mechanism, a Vulpera being cornered by a bunch of Sethrak only to turn into a massive bear and start mauling their way out. It’s the ultimate sort of trickster style.

I know they had the rigging all set for Vulpera to be the classes they are because they use Goblin animations mainly but it would have been cool if Vulpera maybe couldn’t be warlocks but could be druids just to give them that hint of flavour where maybe they haven’t discovered how to summon demons; but they have discovered druidism from the Zandalari and their Loa mixed in with their own will to protect nature.

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Why not make a vulpera rogue? Or a vulpera hunter? Or a vulpera warrior?

Why a vulpera druids?

As I said, why vulpera druid? People certianly play other races, other classes. Why this entitled demand to a specific race and class?

Why not demand normal human druids.

Or tauren warlocks, mages.

Why vulpera druids? Because you want to play solely vulpera and solely druids? That is not a good enough reason.

As a NE fanboi im intrigued, why Kaldorei? :thinking:

Just because, it would be cool. The mogs would look sick too.

its comments like this that make my struggle of coming up good jokes worthwhile

They have different pets and achives

Yeah I’ve checked that out afterwards and mentioned it, in the following comment after that one. Ngl though OP seems like Vinzora (To some people atleast), because of the many weekend level whining threads that OP has made recently.

Humans should have been allowed to be Druids, Especially since now both Gilneans and apparently Kul’Trians can the arts of Druidism, yet for some reason you still aren’t allowed to be it as a originally sized human.

Blood Elves, and Night Borne should have been too since they have professions in their society which covers both Balance and Restoration, meanwhile mages does have the knowledge and ability to shape shift even if it is mostly in an offensive manner.

Anyone should have been able to be warlocks since as mentioned over, it is a profession that’s outside the norms of most society and mostly revolves around individuals that practice it rather than the culture as a whole. Not to mention that there are some Grimtotem among the Tauren ranks which generally care a lot less about what others think, as well as some Bloodtotem which should have joined under Mayla Hightotem and the Bloodtotme have warlocks.

And for Mages it could be the same argumentation as Paladins, that they revere the sun, which gives them some form of fire magic which unlocks mages.

Which is pretty much the argumentation for Vulpera Mages, Desert = Hot, therefore they get mages cause mages have a fire spec, and fire is hot.

I personally want to play the race i want to play, which changes over the years, which does make disappointed whenever my current favourite race doesn’t have a a class unlocked or reasons.

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