Can we bet a balance pass PLEASE!

  1. Now you’ve removed the conquest cap, YOU MUST! remove the upgrade cost. It’s not good enough that people can farm unlimited Conquest, but those who farm full conquest gear and full 2100 upgrade are going to plague boost the lower bracket.

  2. Rogue needs to a blanket nerf. Dismantle redesigned to use Combo Points, Kidney Shot given a 35 second cool-down, Blind duration reduced to 6 seconds and the Stealth shield Conduit change to a heal instead of a shield

  3. Warrior mobility needs to take a hit. Bladestorm shouldn’t break roots, Heroic Leap cool-down needs increasing to 1 minute and Double Time should no longer reduce the cool-down of charge by 3 seconds. Raging blow charge removed.

  4. Affliction damage is now overtuned. Flat 5% reduction to them and Drain Life legendary effectivness reduced by 66% in PVP

  5. Demon Hunter damage is now overtuned. Flat 5% reduction to them

  6. priest ress lego needs removing from arena still and Chastise range should be lowered to 10 yards.


there won`t be a single balance patch for the rest of this xpac. What you see now is what you get.


i agree that a balancing pass needs to happen however all of your bullet points were awful and i’m glad you’re not a part of the wow dev team.

You could use a flat mute, shut up with these cry posts.


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