Can we do something to Enha in PvP? This spec is regrettable

I think is in my 15 years of WoW, the worst state of this spec in PvP.

If you compare to ret, literal this spec is tier Z, enha has 0 dps compared to other meles, 0 mobility, 0 CC (imagine casting a hex in 2023), 1 defensive with this amount of dmg with 1,5 cd, we got like 50% directly nerf on healing surge for no reason, the 50% of my globals is to use Earth shield, Healing stream and ghostwolf to run.

It’s possible to remove Global cooldown on my doomwinds and BL? Doomwinds does 0 dmg, 1,5 cd 8 sec duration, while wings is 1 min cd, NO GLOBAL and 23 sec of duration, c’mon bro, wake up.

Also, what is the sense of remove earthbind if you play root totem (Enha has so many keybinds XD?) Now is impossible to los anymore vs meles or pets, thanks to another unnecessary nerf.

Now enha dies after wall in 5 seconds. My best healing surge is 100k with mortal, (and nothing to say, if I waste my 10 stack of maelstrom to heal, I can’t do damage) when every global in the game is min 200k.

Every enha was waiting a buff in 10.0.7, but right now, is ever worse than before.

Please do something, this spec is not viable anymore. Is so sad to play enha tbh


I literally came here to do a similar post but decided to comment on yours instead.

Enhance is actually more desperate for a rework then Ret was. Far too many talents and buttons to press, far too many things to track, terrible current and future tier bonus set.

Ret paladin can currently do everything Enhance can but much better.

Blizzard have ignored this rework for years.


RET paladin is broken, and should not be a basis for anything. The spec is in dire need of further nerfing, and after a round of 10 nerfs, with some things being nerfed by the amount of 75%!!! it still being above S tier is telling.

Enhance needs a few tweaks and some tuning, it is really not as bad as you are making it out to be.

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Tbf though, enha is way stronger currently, than it was during entire BfA post 8.0.5, but I agree that it should be buffed. I personally would prefer them to go back to a Legion or BfA enha design, but I think most enha players would disagree with that.

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Enha is not competitive anymore, the main reason that there are enhas in 2500+ is because they get carry by warrior and fistweaver.

The damage it does is literally 0, you don’t offer nothing special to the team, only passive healing and grounding, but you have to stay 24/7 putting ES on ur self and wasting 200 globals to start to do dmg.

Only 1 button does dmg, stormstrike, the other buttons you can just delete them. WF 0 damage, flametongue no comments… idk. my best Stormstrike is max 50k, while ret or warr 1 global is 150k.


Problem with enhancement is like you have keybinds for 25 buttons literally, 7,8 totems, spells, ets…

Defensive is trash. Heals are trash. (why is defensive like ghost wolf or some garbage type like new burrow where you actually cant attack)
Hex cast time as melee ? Nice joke, put interruptible casted aimed shot , mortal strike, bladestorm, or some paladin attacks then so lets see how you will manage to attack anything.

we need only 4 totems, fire earth water and air and not 3 fire 4 earth 2 water 5 air types…they need to convert all those extra totems into 1 type counting all those other element totems as buffs.

We need shamanic rage stun breaker and 30% defensive wall on 1 min cd.
Astral shift 40% and heals 25% hp on 1 min cd
remove all those attacks, all other classes have 4,5 max rotation. we have 15.
Dmg is garbage. 3 min cd for ascendance? LOL, better remove it and buff other attacks for compensation.

Enhancement damage is now built about doing fast haste attacks and not big BADA boom attacks which is grave mistake. I wish it would be like in wrath when stormstrike and lava lash actually had dmg, and we had dmg on earth shock too. Plus our windfury did great dmg when it proc. Now we just dmg like wet noodle cause you need to actually conect to your target, but unfortunately you need to run in ghost wolf cause 1 on 1 with other melee you get slammed with 150k attacks while you tickle with 2k flametongue, 11k stormstrikes, 30k lava lashes, 40k EB…those are 4 attacks while warrior slams you with 1 mortal strike for triple dmg…sorry but enhancement concept is just wrong. ghost wolf as defensive running away? guy who balance or develop us have no clue…

sadly, enhancement is garbage few expansions, just look at its skill tree, we have mostly stuff for resto and ele…

Conclusion is this is just another trash spec concept (only good thing are flashy attacks and some good transmog options and thats it which most of ppl find fun in pve until they touch pvp).


That is true, only stormstrike does some of dmg but is trash, like 20-30k, while others meles the min hit is 130k XD.

If you remove stormstrike from enha, you don’t have literal nothing. Also we have a horrible aoe, i think RoL should does the double of dmg…

I’d like some defensive buffs. Some things from pre-Legion era like that Glyph of Lightning Shield reducing damage taken by 10% while Lightning Shield is active. Shamanistic Rage (even without dispel) back instead of Astral Shift or even Legion Astral Shift passive healing for 40% HP. Enha issue isn’t damage. It’s survivability that is based on offheals that makes it weaker in RSS. I’d like healing to get nerfs and some defensive buffs or changes. I cannot understand why Shamanistic Rage that was iconic for Enha is gone.

Other thing maybe a PvP talent replacing Hex with other form of CC so we can maybe play with Hunters again. DR change killed beastcleave and Enha is kinda stuck to play with War, WW, Rogue or maybe DH. Demo actually seems reasonable as well due to healing reduction and some CC that Enha lacks.

Damage is definetely not the problem.

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I actually saw some no Windfury Mastery Lava Lash builds by Saul and few other Enha. Not sure if it’s good. I played maybe one or two lobbys as Enha. Got 2 dcs and didn’t try it again.

yeah we can purge ground tremor wall root kicking from a distance which all make us best melee against casters but wait!

I would love to see an Ench rework or buff.
I feel the class is under-performing for way too long and for some strange reason blizz doesn’t see this as a problem.
I would love to have ench as an S tier for a change even though i would get powned , i still think the class deserve some love

Its not, way less damage. Does ok against demo comps due to fast lava lash stacker but else no.

They can purge now with judgment and they have the the damage defensive against magic.

We are completely inferior as a melee let’s face it.

I actually prefer the lava lash build, there’s less button bloat. Im probably doing windfury wrong but damage is pretty much the same

Im agree but, definetely I think damage is the problem, when the 50% of the arenas, the other mele double me in damage. We depend on Stormstrikes procs or ascendance procs, only 1 spelll from our book does dmg, but the max SS dmg is 20-30k when other clases the normal is 100k.
All the meles with mortal does the double of our dmg and we don’t have mortal so yes, we have a dmg problem.

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i play almost every class as an altoholic, and reading this thread empowers me to share my opinion on the matter.

First i will reveal my bias. I think Enha shamans are unviable compared to other classes. Ofcurse you can pull it off, but is it really worth it to play dark souls blindfolded with a drumkit?

Although i see some comments about the damage… although, enha shamans have an incredible burst. Perhaps the wildest burst in the game, relying on a 3 minute window with ascendance.

But it is incredibly underwhelming to suck your thumbs for the next 2.5 minutes after your burst, spamming healing surges and playing your totems defensively, since you only have a astral shift on a 2 min cd, whereas rets now has two walls on a 1 min cd each of their own, along with instant flash of light that does not require their holypower/maelstrom to be spent (aditionally they can cast word of glory, and i didnt even mention their bubble)

in a long drawn out fight, enha shamans fall behind on damage, and they also lack the mortal wound effect. It is incredibly easy to trade your defensives effectively against the 3-minute hero enha shamans

i agree their defensives are minuscule, but their healing is incredible. Only problem is they have to sacrifice their already underperforming total dps to stay alive.

And i would like to point out they need a filler.
very often i find it on my enha i’m out of abilities. Sure i can drop some totems, but just dropping totems because i have a global free is not a great idea.

so i’ll be stuck with 6 maelstrom, waiting for my stormstrike/ice strike. Perhabs the rotation makes sense in m+ where you use lava lash, but i don’t know, cause i only play pvp.

Best not to compare with ret paladin.

Every class is trash compared to ret paladin post buffs.

Ele shaman has 48 above 3k in SS, Enhance has 18.

Frost DK had 4 , UDk has 7. Fury warrior has 1.

So let me ask you, do you think enhance should be the first to be looked at? The problem with this game now is every class wants to be able to stand toe to toe with everyone else. No one can be the support melee anymore, you have to be the main guy.

Thing is, you can’t all be the main guy. Some classes were designed to enhance (pun intended) the main dps’s abilities. So when you buff those classes (like ret) you end up with completely broken classes, as they have damage, defence and healing all in one.

Maybe when you decided on your class you should have looked at it’s role. 3v3 in this game is built around comps.

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Which totems? Because for some reason, now we can only play root totems or earthbind totem :slight_smile:

I am a R1 Enha, actually I got gladiator, and I was playing in 2k7 mmr before patch with fistweaver, but now, I play SS with my 3rd enha on 2600-2700 cr, and I can’t keep alive anymore and my dmg is totally ridiculous compared to the other 50 dps of WoW.

My healing is insane, but only by passive, my directly heals max heals me 150k, 100k if I have mortal. When I face now double mele in SS is instant 1-5 0-6, before I could keep alive with my 50% HS buffed, but now, what is the sense of my passive healing, my ES heals 30k, while a global is minimum 100k, and 2 meles = 200k…

relocating the annoying windfury totem :laughing:
i was thinking about healing stream, but you would want to save it for your +25% healing surge talent, so better not waste it, as i mentioned…

i know. The burst is great, but you fall behind too quickly on total damage pressure. And having to spend your maelstrom on yourself to stay alive makes it even worse.

Also I don’t think the burst is great when Doomwinds has only 8 sec of duration and 1,5 cd and ascendance has 3 min cd (but the 99% of Enhas play the ascendance proc), while Ret has wings every min or Warr has avatar each 1,5 and warbreaker every 45 seconds.

Ascendance should have 1 min cd with 10 sec of duration, same as doomwinds. If you compare ascendance with Incarn, the CD is the same but the duration is less 15 seconds, so no way xD