Can we get some information on Transfer Locks Blizzard?

It’s been ~5 months since the transfer locks were set in place. With little to no information of when they are getting lifted. Can you give us something? Are you gonna unlock after the AQ Launch? Are you gonna keep them locked until the end classic? Give us some information please Blizzard.


i completely agree…

No update means no new information.

Still waiting… AQ is out and open. Now is the time to allow transfers or never…

Blizzard come on! Golemagg is transfer locked for like 5 months. Meanwhile the population droped to “Medium”. AQ event is well in the past

What are you waiting for? I see no reason for the lockdown to continue…

Keep bumping Daily reminder for Blizzard: Golemagg should have opened transfers yesterday. Today is the new best day

Open transfer for people with existing characters on that server.
Preferably reduce the amount of layers.

But atleast give us an F**** update!