Can we have more TW dungeons?

(Tanvar) #1

I think it’s time to actually add more Timewalking dungeons Blizzard.
Maybe actually include all dungeons from said Timewalking event now?

I would love to run Straholme, the ICC dungeons and Violet Hold for Timewalking WOTLK (yes I’m one of the few that likes VH)

Please in a future patch add all of the dungeons


That’s a great idea. I enjoyed reading it. I do have one critique however. I think what would make it better is if an exalted reputation timegated quest was added. I think that this would be a lore friendly and fun way to add more enjoyment into your idea.

(Punyelf) #3

I would love to see all the dungeons from each relevant expansion available for TW.


I want all dungeons available and in more end-game features, like M+.

Except Oculus. Mostly because it has become way too buggy over the years for some reason.


Oculus oh God no whenever I think of it :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:.

(Mellisandrae) #8

Totally agree it’s about time all relevant dungeons were included :blush:

(Lepanto) #9

I wish new dungeons were added to the expansion, not work out in older ones TBH.

(Blurey) #10

100% agree,also blizzard stop pruning and tweaking older expansion tier sets,trinkets and legos…BiS hunting tw gear is something i enjoy.

(Solithrien) #11

It is kind of odd that Black Morass is a timewalking dungeon whilst Violet Hold (Which is essentially a reskin of it) isn’t. :thinking:

I’d personally love for more dungeons to be added, but what I’d love even more is adding removed dungeons like Scholomance and the Scarlet Dungeons to their respective Timewalking Events! :smiley:

(Cedrad) #12

Are you gonna copy paste this exact same post in every thread?

(Tanvar) #15

Are you saying my thread is like every other thread out there?


All but Oculus yeah.

I’m completely fine with, but I don’t want it because most people would just leave it if it popped and thus everyone would hate WotLK timewalking.

(Julia) #17

I always wanted Culling of Stratholme in timewalking, it’s my favorite dungeon in the entire game and it’s shame that I rarely get to play it, it usually doesn’t pop when you chose random Wrath dungeons as you’re leveling.


The best thing about TW is that we can use old gear again :slight_smile:

(Lynlarae) #19

I would like a new TW Raid /Blackrock Foundry/ for example!

(Blurey) #20

Nah Cata is next,and its gona be Firelands.


Bring the Occulus. I like that dungeon.


While i cant disagree with you, each time a new TW content pops out forum warriors start:

Waaaaah New/old content
Waaaaah Its too hard
Waaaaah its too easy
Waaaaah it was not like that before

Waaaaah think of something…They whined about it.

(Blurey) #23

I havent seen one in a long long time…And with so much content from past in the game,its a shame not to have it.


They added WoD TW like a while ago my friend…
OP said dungeons, you maybe mean raids