Can we have mythic raids be like heroic flex and not have a uniqe id?

Point being im sick and tierd of starting up and trying to lead these mythic pugs to get some weekly Cyphers only to have the group fall appart for one single person leaving and sens first boss is killed no one wants to join beacuse they dont want waste their fresh Id on a started run, witch i understand.

I dont see the big deal, it’s the expansions end and if can salvage a group or join someone thats in a later stage why not?

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Yeah I don’t get this either. Maybe in the first few weeks, something to do with making it harder for the race to world first or something (idk), but after that, who cares, just let people play it without headaches.

If you just mean have the ID as HC, agreed…

If you mean you want Mythic Flex then i’d say no, there’s a reason why it was set to 20 people … It’s a nightmare to even remotely balance at say 10man…

After the HOF is filled up mythic ID should be removed.

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