Can we please get sub rogue nerfed?

Honestly giving them a 10% eviscerate nerf is honestly a joke.
Lets go with the following

  1. Eviscerate damage reduced by additional 30% in PVP
  2. Shadowy Duel duration reduced to 4 seconds.

Sometimes I am glad Blizzard does not read the forums…

I mean those classes need some tuning but seriously asking for a flat 25% damage nerf is just beyond stupid.
At least suggest changes that make sense.


Honestly it’s not even stupid when you consider the toolkit they also have.

Idk, I don’t really think, that rogues are op, just because of their damage. If they just keep nerfing their damage, they’re only gonna be weaker in low rating. They probably need to nerf the slice and dice and the evasion conduit, or increase their cooldowns. Specs that need damage nerfs in pvp, and survivability buffs are hunters/warriors

reminds me of videos of old expacs where rogues play with gray daggers and still easy win matchups with their insane kit.

so technically rogues probably don’t even need dmg to be viable :man_shrugging:
there where also times (bfa and legion I think) where sub did not do insane dmg but was still a top spec (AND even had a trash design)

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You mean when spells werent based on wpn damage in early vanilla? Theres a rexkful vid i think too

nah it was during cata I think when people memed with warglaives as well or something.

Just remove Resonator = problem is gone.

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Resonator doesn’t make Evis crit for 38k.

Well yes but then it’s one such go and then other is usually with 3x Resonator. There is literally no other spec that can utilize resonator as much. Resonator is direct buff to every Rogue.

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Every trinket they added directly benefited RMP. Sometimes exclusively. That’s not news. It still wouldn’t be enough to just remove resonator to balance rogue.

But it’s a good step forward.

The only thing that p!sses me off about sub is when they teleport my partner to the shadowy kingdom with full hp and kill him before it expires. Leaving me standing there like a spare pr!ck at a bus stop. Yeh my partner needs to save Cd’s for that but it gives me absolutely 0 counter play, Such a derpy asf spell

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Smokebomb is duel done right, duel doesnt need to exist. Smokebomb also should also break LoS for allies of the rogue using it, then it would be perfect.


This one makes sense
This game needs some friendly fire

It’s not only friendly fire , it also includes potential to mess up for the rogue. Imagine in the current game you were to kidney smoke a ret with trinket and HoJ available but smoke works against allies aswell. You’d get trinked, hojed and smashed, and rightfully so.


I actually like the idea.

Remove aegis too dont see why some classes who have walls build into their class get to use wall and aegis on top and can facetank something that should be punished for them not landing a kick.

yes resonator should also blow up the rogues face.

Just remove all these stupid trinkets added in s3 and it’s fine.