Can we see Wow on PS5?

Freaking hope not. Consoles have dumbed down enough games as it is and we don’t need more pruned and crappy class gameplay to fit a controler. Get a PC, WoW is very accessible even with low-end PC.

Your pc experience wouldnt be affected… LOL

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WoW is too old for new gen console. Unless PS5 also has a dual core CPU running at 4GHz, it’ll not be possible to port it across.

Edit: They could do that, but then you’ve basically got a PC in a box with a PlayStation label on it.

No but if they want to appeal to consoles they have to make the game more playable. If you say you don’t use 20 skills (actual skills and items) then I don’t know what you’re doing tbh.

Like I said, many developpers dumbed down games especially in terms of gameplay (not only graphics) to fit consoles. It’s anything but what we need now.

Nobody wants that. Again, get proper PCs guys.

Thordric - Essentially consoles nowadays are allready pc’s in a box.

Ascalon - You have four buttons on top of a controller. Thats 16 skills you can potentially use. besides, FFXIV isnt that bad on console.

Actually, its 32 skills you can use if you count in the dpads.

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I guess we’re seeing convergence of technology.

But I remember when everyone said the iPad would replace laptops and PCs. Didn’t happen.

I dont think they’ll invest money to bring a 15 years old game on a new and polished console. maybe a wow2. But actual Wow? nah.

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I really don’t get why they didn’t release classic on console. Could of made a fortune branching out, surely wouldn’t of been that much work to do as well. And classics not demanding at all compared to retail.

“I’m too poor to buy a better pc”, would have worked also…

Wow has a bad and old warcraft 3 engine and even PS5 will not allow you to play this game in 4K smoothly. WoW is much more CPU intensive than GPU. And untill Blizzard build a new wow engine from the scratch or some CPU’s company will make a CPU with main core at around 10k MHz you will never be able to play this game @ultra settings without lags during raids, especially in 4k.

Where did you get that number?

oh wow, I didn’t know we have a yolo bragging clown around here.
don’t assume I am poorer than you. :roll_eyes:

prank caller ^^
here is the link

Thats obviously wrong. The PS5 will cost about 550-600 Euros.

not so obvious to anyone but you.
9999 SEK = ~ 935 Euro.

unless you know in advance about impending devaluation of Swedish currency don’t get your hopes up.

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