Can we trust Shadowlands promises?

I didn’t preorder warcraft 3 although at points I was tempted because of the promises made and the game shown. But luckily I didn’t and I’m dissapontment free unlike the unfortunates who did. But the whole situation has got me wondering, with all the false promises with all the lies and false advertising to actually get people to preorder warcraft 3 have we been lied to about Shadowlands? Can Acti-blizzard be trusted anymore will we get the game that was shown and the systems promised at blizzcon will we even get the game this year?.

Can they be trusted anymore?.


To be honest there are not many promises they can break. The tower is basically just visions 2.0 so there should be no problem with that. Convenants are nothing, they will be just a simple repu grind, with abilities at the end. Beside that we have nothing, just the new zones, instances and raids. The worst that could happen is that they remove a zone like in Draenor, but I think that is rather unlikely.

Shadowlands is already short on features, I think they can deliver at least that much.


You don’t need to trust. Wait for release and if you like it, you buy it :slight_smile:


Trust no one, Mr. Mulder.


I don’t have high expectations, but this isn’t because of WC3:RF.

It’s because this dev team has “agreed” with complaints too many times, after initially stubbornly ignoring alpha/beta/PTR feedback, just to then still continue with the same fundamental design ideas that they “agreed” weren’t fun. The latest one is abolishing WF/TF and replacing it with Corruption. It’s just very “facepalm”.

As long as Ion and his team remain in charge of the design, I only expect more of the same. I’ll still play SL, but I have no doubt that it will have all the same time-gating, RNG, rented abilities, content recycling, balance issues, and endless grinding that we’ve seen for a while now.

I’m more puzzled that people keep getting all hyped up as if we hadn’t heard these “promises” before already.


I doubt you can and rumours out there seem to be that Blizzard is in a hurry to get it out (behind schedule) and we all know what happens when they are rushing.

Cut mechancis and contents might yet again be in out future.

And the advice I usually give for any game: Don’t pre-order and with WoW at least wait till beta so you can try it our or hear what the general consensus is about the beta.

Don’t fall into the ‘It’s just beta’ though. While things can change, it is very rare to see big changes from a beta.

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Some features are low-risk and won’t disappoint anyone:

  • Leveling squish: easy to implement, it’s just some numbers and quest tuning. But I think this feature will be very impactful and I’m looking forward to this the most, as it will make leveling alts fun again.
  • Character appearance customization options: sure, should be good.
  • New zones and quests: they just repeat what they did in the past, and most people are satisfied with that. Personally, I find quests in WoW extremely boring, so I have no expectations.
  • New dungeons and raids: the best part of WoW, and the game design formula still works.

But some features will disappoint people:

  • Covenants: it’s just reputation grinds combined with essences unlocks, marketed under a new label. Nobody likes reputation grinds and the generic essences are really dull.
  • Class redesign: I think Blizzard will screw this up. All the good game designers left the WoW team. Just look at the class, talent, azerite, essence, and corruption balance in BfA: clearly Blizzard lost the ability to create interesting customization systems that are balanced.

I dont even think Ill buy unless I wont see some customization for the Allied races, Especially us, the Nightborne.

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As people said already. Shadow lands offer so little, its hard to fck it up.

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Well… look at WC3: Reforged.


Think I’m gonna try be smart this time, and not buy this game at launch, but give it a month or two to see the state of classes.
Blizzard has lost so much of their good reputation. Look at the mess that is wc3 reforged


Well I’ve preordered it and I did before the warcraft 3 fiasco. I’m hoping they don’t mess it up. I’d hate a 3rd wod expansion.

Is not like there will be an entire beta period with every streamer and their mother showing you almost fully what you can spect of 9.0 the info will be there for you, as always. Hell I remember Preach warning about how bad the azerite system was and how much everyone was flaming him because of it.


Could we trust bfa?


I started losing my trust after the launch of bfa.I kept my expectations high for blizz because its the first patch ,its not completed 8.2 will fix it and boom 8.3…Watching 2017 blizzcon where azerite gear was shown and played BfA , it turned a huge fiasko.So i dont trust SL to be the Ultimate Super Woah Best of the Best expansion ever released.It was said some systems wilk be fix less RNG rewards they will focus on class identity through a more timegated sort of artifact and the we can have the legendary effect we desire in the slot we want. My instinct warns me of a generally worse expansion than bfa.Ppl will be more excited of leaving bfa than stepping in the new exp but sooon they will realize some promises wereny kept or they held they expectations too high like everyone is gonna be satisfied. Ironically that was their goal but now we are here some of already left and the rest who stay they pay to complain . After the circus of wc3 ,personally the previous are evidence of not trusting blizz anymore


Well, Don’t pre-order. Just wait till SL comes out and then see if it’s another scam or not. If not, then proceed to purchase it.
The best way to know, if it’s a scam or not, is when they release another store mount for 6-months sub. This trend is common now in blizzard. So wait and see…if it’s worth it.

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I pre-ordered WC3 and I can categorically say I have learned my lesson.

I will never pre-order anything ever again.


The current devs dont know how to make a fun game.


Personally I think that Shadowlands is going to be a really awesome patch…
just a shame we will have to wait so long for it.

Hope they make it fun, since if it’s anything close to BfA, I will just STOP playing the game. I want a game for fun, entertainment, not to get myself annoyed over all the time.

They don’t listen to people, I mean, I follow many WoW YT channels, most of them say essences need to be account wide, it’s killing alts, and they just DON’T. Let the people grind and grind, that’s SO much fun :smiley: .

I don’t mind grinding for an essences, once, maybe even twice, but then it stops. What they should have done was, first time for an essences, for 100% the ‘cost’, second time, for 80% the cost, then 60% etc…such a simple solution that makes it so much less annoying.

But if I see any of thise on SL, I quit, I wouldn’t like it, since I do love this game, but there’s limits.

I hope they don’t rush it, and I know, BfA is almost done, but I don’t want to play another beta for 2 years.

And for God’s sake, get rid of Activision. If that IS still possible, they’re like the devil, they don’t care about games, just money, don’t care about people, but now they lack a lot I’m sure, hence what happened to WC3. The old Blizzard would NEVER EVER have released a buggy unfinished game.