Can you Ban ppl for leaving M+ ?

(Narcind) #21

I guarantee you there would be people doing that. If it’s possible to vote as a group to leave, how many would you require, 4? What if it’s two people doing something like that to try and mess with people? There could even be 4 people doing it to trap just one other person in there with them. In that kind of scenario, reporting would be completely useless as one report doesn’t do anything.

You could also have people who want to leave because of something, but don’t want the ban, just start ninjapulling stuff to make sure the group wipes another few times, to make people want to vote to leave as a group.

If it’s possible to abuse something, that is what is going to happen.

(Punyelf) #22

You also get groups that advertise they are pushing then the group fails and it’s not viable to push that key. People sometimes leave then too. Because they didn’t sign up to complete a key over time.

The compromise was that keys deplete. So you can try again. There are times I would love some random to be locked out of M+ for the rest of the week but I realise it’s not practical. Nor could Blizz police it.

(Looksmaxxed) #23

Nawh, the solution is that keys don’t degrade if you fail. A finished failed key should probably also award 2nd tier rewards (mastery items for specs that don’t use mastery lol) so as to prevent slow runs that have no motivation to progress, but are just there to grind their way slowly to the end.

It covers mostly (?) everything if that is done.
As for the argument of “lowering it yourself for easier time”…that could be easily remedied with a simple redesign of the UI and functionality of the mythic that you put your key in.
I’m sure the purists would cry though…“oww they failed and no punishment, FU blizzard, unsubbing right nao”…but isn’t the fact you have to do it all over again enough?


that’s a more than enough reason to leave a group.
its not CS:GO where you dont get to decide who to play with, here you choose who you want to invite.
I just wish system would show who left and how often and why that’s it.

regardless, leaving because healer is afk is more than enough valid reason.


Have to agree that the best system would be to track your leave rates.(for example in percentage). A player with 93% finish rate would easily claim that the few dungeons he left would do be to any reason stated before.

But somebody with 40% finish rate…sure. Go ahead and tell us that your every 2nd run a healer DCed. :laughing:

At least then you would have a more informed decision about somebody who signs up (if your 47% guy left your mid-run. You made the decision of inviting somebody who has such a risky percentage)


This is easy to do.
Leave 1: Warning - leavers will be punished
Leave 2: 1 hour lockout
Leave 3: 2 hour lockout
Leave 4: 1 day lockout
(optional midnight reset - go back to step 1)
Leave 5: 1 day lockout
Leave 6: 1 day lockout

On reset day / midnight every day the counter resets.

+Add a votesystem where you can vote to deplete without penalty (all players need to agree). This make sure that the 4 people left behind if 1 person leaves, aren’t punished.

These numbers are just my personal opinion of a good balance of course. But I think this is probably reasonable


So… a player forms a group with a guildie and a couple of friends, they’re all on discord having a laugh and a drink; they’re there just for a bit of fun. They get into a mythic+ together, and after messing around for some time, decide to call it a night (without completing the dungeon - half of them are drunk, it’s not gonna happen :laughing:).

Who gets punished? Is that fair?

“Punishments” are fine for random matchmade groups where they system decides who you’ll play with. IMO you absolutely cannot punish players when they freely choose to play with the people they do.

The best you can do is what Bukachu and Lynlia suggest, and that is to provide better information so that players can make more informed choices about who to play with when running with pug groups.

(Rezista) #30

No, because it is not automated system. You hand picked the Rogue, instead of Enh shaman, the Blood DK instead of a GA Druid, the Frost mage instead of a Demo Warlock adn the Holy priest instead of a Paladin.


Wouldn’t be easier to just deplete the leaver’s keystone or something of the like? It wont stop people from leaving but it will add some consequence. That way, people would have to consider whether it’s worth lowering your keystone or not before leaving.

Other possible punishments should work in a progressive way, with mild consequences for those who leave just occasionally that grow with further reincidence.

Hell, it would be even useful if raider,io could include a count on the frecuency with which someone abandoned a group in the middle run. It would give a somewhat clear insight on each player reliability and discourage people from ruining others’ keystones at the risk of being marked as untrustworthy.

There are ways to put some order in pugs that don’t involve outright bans.


I wouldn’t mind being able to check someone’s “leave or completetion rate”.


They’re not. Blizz cannot discern alt+f4 or a hard pc shutdown from a real disconnect. I can simply reboot my router to fake a dc and blizz will never know it.

It will be way more simple to allow people to find someone else to allow key completition, 99% will be off timer but better than lowering it.


This is a difficult topic, it’s near impossible to determine if someone left due to an emergency/dc or just unplugged their net, punishments do not work here.

The only thing you can do is add 7d debuff that says “Left Mythic+ key” that stacks so people that leave can be spotted, and those with just 1 stack can try to plead emergency, but if u got like 4-5 stacks, it’s doubtful people will want you in.


Won’t work.
People already pretend crazy raider io scores and curve and such. if you add this, who got it is already out even before being considered.

(Rezista) #36

No, it is not. Groups are hand picked by the leaders, it is not automated so there mustn’t be any punishment for leaving.

(Orlen) #37

Incoming solution to the problem…

some criteria needs to be met for this.

  • Group must have been formed via the dungeon finder.
  • Max of 1 other member can be from your guild.
    If a person abandons the key…the key is reset.
    If that criteria has not been met the key is downgraded as it is now.

(Rezista) #38

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd let the abuse beging. I want to push 20+ keys, everyone leaves the guild, form the group through Group finder, fail, someone leaves - reset, go for it again.

(Orlen) #39

see that would be silly but yes there is ways to abuse that.

I spent the sum total of 30 seconds on that solution, so it was bound to be full of holes:)


Well leaving when someone DC’d wouldn’t need a ban for a week if you ask me. You never know if their pc crashed, internet went kaput or just an annoying brother who downloaded too much p…n on the line. It can take 2 minutes or 25… Sadly for you a tank can easily find another group to go with.

That directly shows the problem in this matter; where do you draw the line and how do you prevent misuse; you can’t and you will never be able to.

Thus let LFG just be a slight risk, it will never be completely fault/a…hole/yolo-proof.

(Rezista) #41

I spent 10 to find a way to abuse it. You can not regulate hand picked groups. It is stupid to try.

(Orlen) #42

I wasn’t trying to regulate it, just come up with a silly solution.

The issue is that while a solution can be found the base idea needs to be fleshed out to the point it’s something only the most ludicrous circumstances could it be exploited.