Can you replace shadowmeld?


That might be one of the only issues i have barely had with those guards tbh

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You’re a Blood Elf, silly.


And youre a tentacle elf

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And yet I have an ability that sort of resembles Shadowmeld :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do not replace the best racial trait.
It saved my life more then once.

Check if you got dots on you op.
That brings you out of shadowmelt.

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Shadowmeld is amazing, I miss it from when I was a Nelf.
When you’re trying to drop aggro you have to stand still to wait for the aggro to drop off. It isn’t instant


Shadowmeld works fine for me, also with Nazjatar bodyguard. There is things that can mess it, like having bleed or poison on you or having your bodyguard JUST performing some aoe when you press the button or someone else fighting right next to you and you ending up in unfortunate cleave by from random mob. Just have to time it right and avoid those things and it’s gold!

Think it as: it does take you out of combat but it does not prevent you returning to combat if anything procs that can cause it.

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Depends on the situation. Where is it not working for you?

Why I hate having guardian NPCs


Don’t use it when you’re in melee as half the time you’ll be knocked right out of it again, and make sure you don’t have any dots on you.

When I play my nelves it works 99% of the time as long as I keep these two things in mind.

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Wont work if you have DoTs or have a Bodyguard/pet.


Yeah, no. I was attacked by a dh and rogue, used roar to incapacitate them, shadowmelded and was going to go into flight form but I was kept in combat.

It regularly fails in instances as well when I’m going to pull mobs so we can skip them, run far away from the mobs even and then shadowmeld and they just come running up to me and kill me.


But is it supposed to remove you from combat though?

I know it does when you’re solo questing because the mobs reset, but is it even supposed to immediately remove you from combat in PvP?


Pvp you remain in combat.
Shadowmelt remove all threat.
Players dont have threat.
It usealll take’s a few seconds before i am out of combat in pvp. Because of the pvp rules dropping you out of combat if you arent attacking or attacked. Shadowmelt doesnt work on players. Even if they dont see you they known you cant move and just cast a spell at your last know location.
In pvp it is beter to make the lose line of sight first before shadowmelting to ensure they think you escaped.



Objectively false.


Huh… Thought it wasn’t supposed to do that, but apparently I’m wrong.

Btw, was thinking… If the rogue that attacked you was Assassination, they might have targeted you with Vendetta.
That would enable them to see you through stealth, maybe that’s what kept you in combat?


If blizzard havent changed how shadowmeld works recently, it dosnt matter if the rogue or anyone else can see you, you will still get out of combat, all that matters is if he attacks you before you fly away.

In dungeons, it can be a little harder to SM from mobs, but if you have a little distance to the mobs and you get around a corner use SM instantly, and they cant see you and therefor you drop combat and they wont chase you anymore because the mobs cant see you in a straight line (only 100% working if you are solo or last player alive that is still in combat in dungeons), normally you dont need to get around a corner, but its the best way to be sure.

here is a macro i have used for many years, and it only ‘failed’ me once maybe 2 times, but only because of getting unlucky with an attack hitting me just as i used SM

#showtooltip Shadowmeld
/tar player
/cancelaura starfall
/cast [combat] Shadowmeld
/stopmacro [combat]
/cast [nocombat] !Travel Form

You dont really need to cancelaura starfall if you dont use it and you dont need to targetenemyplayer, i just like it to do that.

With this macro you can keep hitting it until you are in flightform or it failed if really bad luck, but you must know when you are in Flight form known as travel form, because if you hit that macro after the standard CD of being able to ‘dismount’ around 1 second after flying, you will cancel flightform

so just be aware when you are in flightform and then fly and stop hitting the macro anymore

its been fantastic for me over the years, had to edit the macro when they changed flightform to travelform

Test the macro in a duel with a friend and see if he can stop you from flying

The beauty of the macro is that you will fly instantly with SM getting you out of combat, if you use shadowmeld without the macro and have to check that you are in shadow meld (out of combat) before hitting fly, you risk getting in combat before flying…

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I hope they will never chaneg this broken, overpowered racial. 100% working. If your bodyguard fights with someone it will not drop combat, if you engaged some monsters that engaged any npc and you use shadowmeld you will be in pernament combat until npc defeat monster


And if the monster defeat your bodyguard, the mob will come after you even if you stand in shadowmeld, because mob ignore shadowmeld for some weird reason when bodyguard keeps you in combat, just like when you are in a dungeon and party is in combat, you cant shadowmeld until everyone else is out of combat or dead.

if there is 2 NE or a rogue and a NE in a dungeon left alive, both have to use SM/vanish almost at the same time to get out of combat

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L2p… learn to press? :rofl:

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