Can you turn layering the f off now

Why is this unnecessary system again in the game


So that people actually get to level their gathering professions as they level. So that people actually get to do their quests instead of spending an hour waiting for mobs to spawn. So that people can roll a full server instead of having to spread out and then dealing with their realm being dead in a few months.

Pros outweigh the cons.


there is not that many players in wow now to have this on

Based on what evidence?

on that there is not that many players are lvling anymore needless to say that the online of the game has decreased rapidly, open any statistic site

Remove layering please, it’s highly unnecessary at this point. I want to see EVERYBODY <3

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Most statistics sites don’t even have SOM data published yet. Especially when it comes to the percentages of the population at each zone/level etc. Also we have no assurance of the integrity of that data either.

I’ve played on P-Servers which launched with no layering. They had to increase respawns to like 5x the amount. Then when you would quest, the mobs would just spawn right on top of you constantly, it was annoying AF. Layering is a better solution.

If you enjoy standing around waiting for respawns and running around aimlessly for hours trying to find resource node spawns, then you’re in the minority. So far I have found other players for every quest I have tried and had to wait quite a few times for quest mobs to spawn even WITH layers.

Surely tuning the layers and removing them only for certain zones (BRM and capitals for example) would be a better idea if there is a problem. What exactly do you even want to get out of completely removing layers at this point in SOM?

No, it needs to be turned off.

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met 1 ally and 2 hordes in my past 2 lvls open world on dreadnough. we need less layers now or people will quit, especially all of us that came to have fun and not tryhard

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are u srsly comparing the launch with half year change game that has half of realms dead? i mean u dont even need statistics, u can simply open ur eyes at the facts
i have been lvlin as 60 for the past 3 days and i barely meet ppl
i cant imagine what its like for less populated servers and other zones and lvls…u never see a soul

People want to be able to quest, grind, gather and avoid PvP without any disturbance whatsoever, then they complain that the servers feel dead and empty. Hmm, wonder why?
The only time people seem to want to see other players these days is when they are helping them getting new shineys - and god forbid they talk to you.

I mean who cares if the leveling takes 1 day extra, in the end it will be the thing you spend the least time doing anyway. Layers have no place in a MMO. Finding alternative quests and grind-spots should be a part of the game, or joining groups for more efficiency.

Cant believe layers are still a thing when they promised us they would be gone by Phase 2 @ Classic.

If I knew beforehand it would have been in I would not have activated my sub.

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and then we have another guy saying without layers it’s too crowded.

People just have different experiences i guess

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