Cannot post on US forums due supposedly not having any lvl 10 characters

Up until recently I was an active poster on the US Forums, but after relogging into my account, it shows empty without a single available character over lvl 10, preventing from being able to post.

I know for a fact that I have several high-level characters and an active EU subscription. I logged into the game to confirm that yes, they are still there, even though they are “inactive”.

I am still able to post on the forums from those characters on my phone.

I have tried changing my password.

Hey there Блэквотч,

You can post in the US forums if you have a US WoW game, and characters in the US region/realms.

I’d suggest that you login to the US WoW game, and check the characters there. Since you seem to have not logged in to those characters for a good while, they may seem as they are not there. Just login to the realm that had your characters and they will be updated. This article here, may help out.

Additionally in order to post in any other place other than Customer Support and Technical Support, you would need an active subscription/game time (US game time that is).

Yes, I have an active EU subscription and several high-level characters on US WoW. I used to subscribe to US WoW a few years ago. I confirmed that my US characters are still there today when I logged into the US WoW game client, as I have stated in my original post.

The US Forums account still shows that I have no characters. I should be able to post there with my EU subscription and a lvl 10 character (at least), and I (as well as many other people) have been able to for years.

This problem only appears on PC, I still see all my US characters if I try to post on the Forums from mobile, so it feels like some sort of bug.