Cant buy character transfer

Ive been trying to transfer from Pyrewood Village to Earthshaker for almost two weeks but it keeps giving me a generic error (“an error was encountered, please come back later”). Support told me to watch this space for a solution but I dont see any posts with updates for my issue? Its not about mail, something is broken on Blizzards side.

I have the same issue (Firemaw->Earthshaker), the initial transfer failed on Blizz side and now the service is unavailable, I’ve been talking to them for couple of days, but they cannot find any solution.
I’m thinking it might have triggered the cooldown on purchased transfer (60 or 90 days) but no-one knows.

The error showed up after my 2nd unsuccessful transfer. Blizzard of course took my money both times! Paying this much for zero support is absurd.

Any luck? Also having same error for 3 weeks now.

Problem is still persisting. Support said they would get back to me when a solution is found but Ive cancelled my subscription. Im not playing wotlk without my friends!

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