Can't hand in Tol Dagor: The Fourth Key

Flynn is there for the hand-in, but is not interactable.

Its the same for me and when I pick up the key doesn’t go into the bag

Hi guys!

So Flynn is quite an active character in Battle for Azeroth, so depending on what phase you are in, he may move or be waiting to do something else. Make sure you have completed the Tiragarde Sound storyline, which unlocks the achievement A Sound Plan. That should make him phase correctly.



I unlocked Loremaster of Kul Tiras, including A Sound Plan, on Karhoff. I levelled to 51 whilst doing the Pride of Kul Tiras quests, so couldn’t queue for the dungeons. I’m now trying to do Pride of Kul Tiras on Auryline with her XP locked to level 50, and it’s allowed me to get this far but then bugged Flynn. So I have to do the entirety of Tiragarde Sound zone questing again, even though I have the achievement?

I’ve done everything to be able to finish this part of the quest but flynn isn’t intractable. Been waiting for a response for 3 days now. Starting to give up with this…

I already have A sound plan complete and yet I can’t interact with him.