Cant log in after a disconect


some strange thing are happening to me, got a disconnect ok so far nothing strange but after i try to re-log password wont work, so i reset the password but it happens to me every time after a disconnect ??? .

(Saneko) #2

Edit: Could be just server issues today from another thread I saw earlier, instead of it being a hack. Dc all the time

(Dottie) #3

What did the message say when you were disconnected, that would tell you if you are being hacked, it mentions the account being used somewhere else.

Also what message do you get when you try to log in?

Change your email password too.


Hello Grilca

As Saneko mentioned, it could be related to the issue mentioned in this thread. If you can log in our pages and other games but not WoW, please check it.

If you can’t log in your account in any service, please contact our support team:

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