Can't log in bnet

I was in-game and noticed disconnected. I could have stayed in-game as it was working fine but I needed my friend list so I quit the game to restart and guess what? Bnet doesn’t let me log in wow as it doesn’t connect itself… Seriously Blizzard. It’s been a week we’ve been dealing with huge lag spikes, flickers, delays, various sort of bnet issues like the friend list disappearance and now I can’t even log in game. Was just back from a 5 months of break. I feel like I’m ready to take a year now.


bruh there is a maintenance going on.

Same here, stuck at connecting and retry every 60 sec.


This is on your battle net: Scheduled maintenance will be on Friday, 8th November from 05:00 (CET) until 08:00 (CET). During this time, the game will be unavailable for play. Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN on Twitter for updates.

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Here the same. Cant log in to battlenet…

Looks like a lot of people have a same issue h ttps://

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Guys, do you actually read before you post?

There is scheduled maintenance right now, read blizz bnet app text I posted 10 centimeters earlier

Interestingly they all the administrator and programmers fired? I played in 2005-2007, there were no such frequent problems. And over 15 years, computing power has increased significantly, even if there were problems with the servers, they added days to the subscription. The level of service of the technical server judging by the frequent problems at zero.

Yesterday I wrote a ticket about the wrong loot, accidentally broke a thing of my own class, no one answered me in 6 hours of the game.
The response time in 2005 was 1-2 hours. And I also paid $ 15.

Just wanted to drop by and confirm the maintenance is now all complete so hopefully you guys are able to connect once again. As Tristitas noted, announcements on outages should be visible on the app login screen as a red or yellow bar at the bottom.

Lastly, just to touch on your comment Ankka, our ticket queues are longer than we wish at the moment and we are working as hard as we can to bring the response time down. You may need to wait a little longer for now regarding the looting issue but our team will look into it when they can. :slight_smile:

Cannot connect still. There is no maintance right now.