Can't log into the game or battlenet

Whenever I try to log into the battlenet, I get the following error

" We couldn’t log you in. Please check for breaking news or try again later."

Error code: BLZBNTBGS80000011

Can’t log from wow classic exe either, can’t log into bfa. Help


Same issue here , didnt have any problem loggin gin this morning though

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Seems all Blizzard games, i get BN-115 error in Overwatch when trying to log.
I can’t log in to any games from Battlenet

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Same here, and wen I log in manually I get the US realms

Yeah, the client doesn’t even show up. Just says logging in and then nothing.

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According to downdetector is down

same right away say dc.laucher was look online but cant send msg i try restart now can even login launcher.
i think blizard login server down.and some extra problem too

sane cant login instant dc blizzard its holiday your low budget servers isn’t cutting it. WAKE UP


Same here just instantly says you have been disconnected.

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Same I had lag issues for the past 2 hours . Decided to relog and now can`t log back in . Classic , Retail wow and client .
Bulgaria provider Blizoo .

Same here. Get instantly disconnected when I enter my password: error BLZ51901016


Same here. I cannot log into the Battlenet nor Wow classic.

I get the same message error as you => # BLZBNTBGS80000011

Is it just me or do these problems seem to be happening alot more often? Seems like hardly a week goes by without some outage.


Went to change realms and got disconnected, then unable to log in since.


Maintenance alert has hit the launcher. We shall see how long this lasts

Same here, Instant Disconnected Gettin BLZ51901016

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Guys, always visit Blizzard’s Twitter :slight_smile:

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There was nothing there when this post was made.

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Can’t login, same error as everyone else (BLZ51901016).

Why should I have to go to an external source when Blizzard have their own forums?