Cant login


just spammed log in :smiley:


have fun mate, id stay away from loading screens and never log out :smiley:


Was using my mage and trying to teleport to IF but the server says instance not found. tryed later on same result, tryed teleporting to Darnassus.
So I decided to logout/exit and log in again and at realm selection after a while appears the error: WOW51900328
And as for other users I cannot connect
I can see realm list, number of characters on realm but cannot enter.


IPV6 didn’t work for me to start but after completely closing the BNet App and restarting I was able to log on.


Same, stuck on “Logging in to game server” and getting WOW51900328 errors. Exiting the client & closing the Bnet app, then deleting both the WoW and Bnet Cache and restarting the Bnet app and WOW client didn’t help. Neither did the IPv6 thing.

Did a system reboot and now I can’t even log-in to the Bnet app anymore.

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And a more recent one

If it’s a DDoS attack, there’s nothing you can do.

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should be back up now :grin:


If they cannot provide they need to cash us back…


Cash you back for less than a day? I wouldn’t go that far… tad dramatic


Have you really been playing since classic release? it was just not 1 day and it’s not an isolated thing.


Had it equalled 30 days played time yet? If not, probably best to shush before you embarass yourself


We pay to play and we cannot play, it’s clear to me.


So you should get refunded for the time you can’t play so… £9.99 divided by 30 x the number of full days you have been having the issues or ask Blizzard to add the days back on to your account to cover the issue?


I have the same problem with Ukrainian ISP Best (, take a look.
I got disconnected a few hrs ago and can’t log in to game servers. I already submitted support ticket, all information including network info is there.


You missed the point mate. First i was replying to an “excuse” of a topic that shoulnd’t be an excuse to the likes of blizzard. Second a cash back is not a full refund. Anyway i do not need to discuss this with you, i just would like blizzard to help us.


What justifies a full refund? because you can’t play right this minute?


Read again. He didnt say anything about full refund, he said he wants a day added to his play time.


Just do the online chat thing tomorrow after like 10am or whatever time they changed it to and I am sure they would sort it


I’m going to open a ticket and argue with the GM for 3 hours until they give in and refund me those 5.7 cents. I can’t afford to simply lose such horrendously high amounts of money, I’m just a common man. I’m also going to hire an attorney and fight the clause in Blizzards ToS that says “no refunds in case of service interruptions”. Enough is enough.


For now it looks to me they had a DDoS attack, twitted about it, f***ed up trying to resolve it and now ignoring the problem. I’m sitting here trying to connect for 3 hrs, submitting tickets and stuff, and they didn’t even reply here that they are at least AWARE of this problem. What the duck, Blizzard?