Cant mog weapons

Is there some kind of a bug that might stop you doing this?
Im trying to mog my frost DKs 1hd swords into another 1hd weapon but it wont let me. Everything else works just the weapon.
Any ideas?

Maybe you are trying to transmog sword into fist, and DK can’t use fist weapon IIRC? or do tell what happens when you try to mog them.

How can anybody help you if your post looks like this “plz plz can’t mog weapons transmog no work plz”

You must describe what is happening so people may aid you. Cheers.

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Knowing the swords in question would be a big help here, which ones you have on your DK and what you’re trying to change them to.
If you can post from that character we could have a look at the Armory and see if we can work it out that way, otherwise we are going to need more info for anyone to try help out :slight_smile:

ok, problem solved…it was the weapons that seem to be abit bugged, not me!

Was trying to mog Frost-etched Runeblades and nothing was happening (quick Google and it seems like its an issue with these weapons).
Changed to heirloom weapons and no problems.

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