Can't pick up Calling quest from Lord Herne

I’ve seen this brought up before but for a different covenant, so thought I should make a new topic for it.

I’m part-way through the Ardenweald campaign, and at one point Lord Herne stands away from the trainees and to the left as part of the storyline. I have moved on from that part of the story, and he hasn’t moved back to the training area and while there is a calling quest up for him at the moment, I can’t pick it up from him. The quest shows on the map, but he isn’t in the right position to offer it.

Has anyone else had this problem in the Night Fae covenant and has anyone found a solution?

This happened to me, he didn’t move back until I’d finished all of that quest story - have you got the witches satchel yet, think that was what solved it.

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