Cant play WoW part 2 - possible solution, feedback


Hello “community”

In the recent times things are not looking good at all. But let’s leave that aside and focus on the problem at hand.

Back in WoD I started to experience head tension turning into a headaches. And for that reason I stopped playing. Returned back few times with breaks to see if there was any improvement in this matter. None.

So I started playing older version of WoW, vanilla. Where to my surprise this problem was not existent at all. I simply felt siginificant change for the better. And everytime I even tried PTR this problem tension and headaches was back, immediately.

Now that is clear sign that something is wrong with this game. But I was not able to figure it out what was the cause.
Everytime I switch from retail to 1.12, things are relaxed to me, smooth. No problem. And I think I have found the cause of my problem.

Its the field of view that has changed somewhere along the way. I think its WoD because thats when I started to exprience this problem. I also think they have made some changes to camera there.

I have made two pictures where its very clear what is different.

-*-**±++ (Cant post links)

On these pictures you can clearly see that on PTR screen there is a lot more of world in that camera view than it is on 1.12 screen. With 1.12 screen its more “flat”.

And I think thats the issue why I cant play wow. I did not quit the game because of its state, but due to this issue. I would like to play my chars again, but I cant.
Its common that games have their own settings for camera and FoV. However it sad that World of Warcraft is very limited in area. This game really could use some variety.

In the past there were mutliple reports of people having motion sickes or headaches. And this pretty much might be one of the factors.

This is my feedback.

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