Can't post at all in any forums besides this one

(Triadne) #1

I can’t post or reply in ANY forums except for support forums. how come?

I realise this is a repost but Mr blue seems to be ignoring my other one and I really need this fixed.

I’ve tried logging out and back in, and I have been subscribed for over 5 months.

(Omachi) #2

Have you checked when your subscription renews? Sometimes the forums get confused if it’s near your renewal date?

(Triadne) #3

It actually renewed just today but I haven’t been able to post for weeks. I still can’t now.

(Solandraa) #4

Hi! I have the same problem. My subsciption renewal is far and i can’t post to forums i can make posts only here. This new forum is fantastic. .)


Hello Triadne,

If you’re still having this issue, please follow the steps listed here.

Your thread has also been replied to.

How’s my driving? Let me know!

(Triadne) #6

I had a look and I satisfy all those requirements.

okay I can post now and I did nothing except follow that link. did you adjust something to fix this? if so, thanks.


Same issue as Triadne but still nothing. I am logged in the game right now with my 31 alt, waiting for BG and cant post in General. And I have like … 5 lvl 120, 3 lvl 110 and some others so … no idea what is going on.