Can't queue bgs out in the world

So, i get that LFD was removed for dungeons, but the BG systems can’t be compared… we don’t get to fully pick our own team, we don’t get to quest or do anything while in a queue with the current system (stuck in the city). Why do we have to run to the battle master to queue for a bg? Stuck in the city… i always used to queue a few bgs inbetween quests, cuz it’s so tedious.

People complaining about lfd removal, and that this is the same, it’s not! The social aspect won’t change ONE bit. I’m still gonna solo queue with randoms, I still get ported into a battleground, I don’t HAVE to find my own team. This needs to be fixed, this will kill queue times below 80. Please don’t do this…


Ye, this is beyond stupid. Way to ruin the whole expansion for me, congratulations Blizzard, you’ve done it. Being able to queue for bgs while levelling in the world was such a great addition, quess I’m done with this company if this will not be added. Unbelievable.


Let’s hope we get a reply soon.


I doubt it. Besides the forum posts, I’ve also tweeted to Brian several times and he just ignores it. He’s quickly to reply to people who praise him.


I think it’s nice, U meet up with more people that go to the same place to do the same thing. U will have less toxic players that join just for fooling around and more people who are actually there to win the game.

Are you seriously arguing for the social aspect of standing at the battlemaster in Dalaran?


Not sure if u ever get out of your basement, but when people get together, theres a much higher chance for there to be interactions :rofl:

You are, you’re legitimately arguing for the social interactions at the battlemaster. Oh dear lord.


Jees, I’ve been looking forward to Wotlk Classic release for almost 2 years only to see it destroyed by Blizzard itself.

Great job Blizzard ! Im sure removal of this option AND removal of RDF will lead to more social interractions because as we all know gaming community is the same as it was back in 2008 right?

The reality is MMOs don’t serve as social platforms anymore, we have Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Discord etc.

People don’t play MMOs to find their lifetime friends anymore, stop acting like that.

Social interactions = lifetime friends ?

So u mean to say that all your facebook ‘friends’ are lifetime friends?

You really don’t see that intended hyperbole do you?

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I see it as a stupid argument.

Its actually very valid argument. People nowadays use other platforms to socialise. Every half serious guild in WoW has discord where they organise themselves/chat etc. They don’t use in-game features anymore.

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So because u are part of the problem u think everyone is the same as you? talk about…

Since majority of people use these “specialised” platforms to socialise maybe it is you and other 50yo purists who is the problem, not me.

Gaming evolves, people evolve. You can clearly see it in game rn.

I’ve been leveling my priest for like 2 weeks. During that time I’ve been in around 10 dungeons.

How does getting group together look like today? “LFM ZF +2 tank/dps”, you know that. So you whisper group leader and in 80% time won’t get any response since I play shadow priest. Ok, thats it, fine. In those 20% cases you get a group and you say “hi guys”, you may even get some “hi” back. Then “summ pls” messages start followed by “buffs pls”. Then radio silence comes and obligatory “thx for run guys, bb” (if you are lucky) comes.

Thats the reality, noone wants to chat, noone wants to talk about weather. Everyone wants to play with optimal classes.

And thats how its gonna be in Wotlk Classic no matter if RDF is here or isn’t here. Leaders will be cherrypicking classes which are stronger that others, they will also cherrypick classes which don’t share their potential loot.

There will be exactly zero social interraction just like it is now.

You are extremely naive if you think removal of RDF will lead to more social interractions. If anything it will lead to more toxic behaviour because some classes will be excluded from dungeons. End of story.


That is because you are playing with literal bots now so late in the expansion. these people never play long and only come for hype, they don’t repesent anything. So another moot argument.

No, Im playing with hundreds of new players/players who level up alts who are preparing for Wotlk.


Exactly bots, since they have have the mindset of retail players.

You don’t play TBCC do you? Joyous Journeys have revitalized the servers in a big way, but you wouldn’t know that cause you don’t play.

Not leveling anny alts because I don’t need to, if I would then i’d do it with a solid group of friends I made over the course of tbc, which needs a bit of social skill, sorry.