Can't queue for most dungeons in Chromie Time past 50

I’m in chromie time cataclysm/classic kalimdor-ek. After leveling to 50 most of the dungeons from dungeon finder dissapeared. Any way to fix this?

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I think chromie end on 50. Then you have to go to shadowlands and then to DF? I haven’t leveled a character from 1 yet in DF.
But for SL dungeons you are required higher ilvl than you get from chromie dungeons. This was also a problem during SL when you choose Threads of Fate. I think you get like up to ilvl 45-50 from chromie dungeons while SL dungeons required 85 or something.

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Hi, no in Dragonflight it’s 1-59, if you look up to dungeon finder even the dungeons shows 7-60(wailing caverns) I got reply from support and they told me it’s bug… But I found topics on reddit and US forum and this bug is still here after 2-3 months…


Yes, that bug is there since prepatch phase 2. Not sure if it kicks in on level 50 or 51 but since that level, you will see only starting dungeons in LFG when in Chromie Time. Developers never confirmed it’s bug but for me it looks like somebody isn’t able to modify code and raise condition from “level < 50” to “level < 60”. Who expect this company to care about players playing WoW in different way when they don’t care about their own developers and employees?


Unfortunately, this issue still hasn’t been resolved. I’d really love to play all the old dungeons with my level 57 shaman that I only capped, so that I could play through all the old content.

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It’s 4 months old bug, it will be never fixed

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