Cant request refund nor are my purchases approved

I unfortunately bought the expansion on my wrong wow account (I wanted to return after 2 years of inactivity). I only noticed after logging in after purchasing. I didnt login to any character and immediatly opened a ticket which was not worked on since 3 days (i now cancelled it). Then I thought I would buy some Character Transfer (pack of 3) to transfer the characters over so that I can finally play. Well… I bought it via paypal and are now waiting since over 24 hours whereas Blizzard claims everywhere that it should be processed within 24 hours, seems like you guys are lying. I then tried to request a refund of that and guess what, the refund also automatically fails (it creates a resolved case saying that I should contact the gamemaster). I then also tried purchasing using my credit card but also that didnt work either and its again “pending”. My frustration is immense and it seems like the ticket system is completely not working nor the payment system. I am very close to call my lawyer on monday since this looks to me like a huge scam.

Edit: Since I am reading other topics - this is not about Classic or WOTLK its about retail…

Why did you cancel the original ticket asking for refund? Wait times are pretty lengthy at the moment but generally blizzard has refunded stuff bought to wrong account. Just sounds weird to me that you went from asking for refund to “hey let’s transfer characters”.

And good luck with your lawyer.

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because I wanted to avoid the expansion being refunded and me transferring all my characters to the account which then has no expansion. Not knowing that blizzard is not able to let me purchase the character transfers (but the expansion purchase was completely fine…!).

I didn’t really understand what exactly happened or the order of things but doesn’t really matter, billing issues can’t be handled here and you need to make a ticket (and not close it) if you need help with the problems.

Your lawyer will just tell you that you are required to give them a reasonable time to correct problems. Thats usually 2 to 3 months, before you can proceed with any legal claim.

Given that you cancelled your ticket after just 3 days, that would not be a “reasonable time”.

Blizzard are very good at issuing refunds where the player has purchased an expansion on the wrong account, as long as you haven’t used any of it (gametime, etc). They usually issue refunds without question or objection.

in general you are right, however this is not the case in germany for so called “widerrufsrecht” here a 14 day period applies. Regarding the gametime, the clock is already ticking since i needed to login to the character selection screen just to find out its the wrong account even though i never logged in with any character. In the past this was easy to check on the web portal but this function was disabled… clever trick

“Right to Withdraw” wasn’t it? Your legal rights in german which you’ve read and agreed towards (including at time of purchase expressly waive) stated right here: notably section 4.

If you think that your rights has been infringed upon you can contact a lawyer or I recommend, a consumer right’s organisation.

Do come back after the court though we’d like to hear how it went, none came back so far.

did you try to follow the link that is mentioned in article here " indem Sie dem hier beschriebenen Verfahren folgen". Its just like the rest of the service…
seems like in english language at least the link is working - in german however its not. That might even invalidate the license agreements since part of it cant be read and therefore how can you agree to it?

Ah I see you meant this one right?

There’s a dot on the end of the link, a small error but the article exists. I suppose that has to be fixed.

What matters is that you see the warning before any purchase (an example below):

Durch das Klicken auf „Jetzt bezahlen“ bestätigen Sie, dass Sie ein autorisierter Nutzer dieser Zahlungsmethode sind, und erklären sich mit der Blizzard-Endbenutzerlizenzvereinbarung, den Verkaufsbedingungen von Blizzard und der sofortigen Lieferung Ihrer Bestellung einverstanden. Sobald der Liefervorgang begonnen hat, verlieren Sie Ihr Widerrufsrecht.

Notwithstanding the dot error that broke the article link, it otherwise seems everything has been legally closed down.

Well you can still contact your consumer right organisations if you feel you’re right as I’ve said and come back with feedback if you won something. I’m eager to know!

Hey Wurstiverse,

I am sorry to hear about the troubles you ran into when trying to return to WoW, I understand it’s not a great first experience.

That said, it definitely sounds like something a Game Master would need to take a look at to help untangle at this point, so please keep your current ticket open.

I appreciate that waiting several days for a reply is frustrating when you just want to get playing, but we’ve got a large number of players returning to the game currently and we’re working hard to get back to everyone needing help as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience for now and I hope we can still find a suitable solution for your characters and accounts!