Can't transmog conquest weapon bought with another covenant

I made a covenant change from venthyr to necrolord after i bought my conquest weapon and i think this created a bug where i cant apply transmog to just this wepon. Illusions can be applied but not skins.

Hi there, Aes!

This is actually not a bug, you can only use the transmogrifications of, or transmogrify, the weapons of your current Covenant. :slight_smile:



You misunderstand me. I have a weapon that i bought as venthyr which i transmogged into something else. Now i changed to necrolord and i cant apply any transmog to that weapon at all.

Its the " Sinful Gladiator’s Crusaderblade" that has venthyr icon. But now as necrolord it cannot be transmogged.

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I have the exact same problem, bought the conquest weapons as Venthyr, and I’m now necrolord on my shaman.

I am now unable to change/transmog the appearence from the weapons that I bought as Venthyr and am forced/stuck to use the basicV venthyr pvp weapon design.

If they can’t fix this issue quick they should just make it so our weapon gets replaced with the appropriate covenant version

Apologies for the misunderstanding.

This would be a known issue per this support article, Cannot Transmogrify Covenant Gear After Switching Covenants. At this time there is no work-around.

After swapping covenant from kyrian to venthyr with my warrior i cant trasmog my back or gear that i had some kyrian trasmog into new one… im stuck with the wings on my back and the old trasmog i had… also some weapons keeps showing after change my spec for example mty priest is holding staff and dagger at the same time…

Can you atleast manually change the weapon to the correct covenant for me ingame to my current covenant, if this is such a low prio issue?

Forum staff are not GM’s. So no, theres no way the blues would be able to do that.

That is something you’d have to discuss with a GM via a ticket.