Cant use game slang


Greetings! A day ago my account was blocked for using me gaming slang “bichugan” that in russian gaming slang is equivalent to “noob” the only difference is that the “bichugan” is not new but simply a bad player. My account was blocked with the wording “insulting other players”.
On my appeal request the GM who contacted me on my request to explain to me how in his opinion gaming slang could be offensive he replied that he had no clear wording. He eventually left the block in place pointing out that anything that “might seem offensive” to another person is intentionally offensive.
Also throughout our dialogue GM has repeatedly tried to end talk prematurely which was unprofessional. All this gave me the think that there is probably some conflict of interest and the GM is not interested in helping me.
I want to know is prohibited on the forum use gaming slang some of which may be derogatory to other players.
In other words can players use slang without fear of being banned because someone found the “noob” offensive? Or should we wait for a list of allowed game slang words later?
Sry for my bad english. I was forced to go on english forum for “lack of clear wordings” from the russians GM.

(Shammoz) #2

Acting in a derogatory manner in game or on the forums can lead to account penalties. Obviously how serious the penalty is would depend on the context, personally I think “noob” is more of a joke insult, but if the Russian version implies that you told someone they are a bad player, that’s less of a joke.

Either way it sounds like the recipient (or someone in the group at the time) found your wording offensive and reported it. So learn from it.


So you think wrong.

My question is not how to please people who constantly find something humiliating for self. And not for good advice on how to be a snitch.
I want to get the exact wording of the insult and find out if players are free to use game slang on game forum.

(Shammoz) #4

I did not provide such advice.

You are asking something that is too “loose”… There is not a fixed list of insults that can or cant be used… I’m not sure what you are really after here…


I didnt ask you.

(Shammoz) #6

You asked on a public forum.
I’ll leave you to it, getting a feel of why your chat may have been reported.


The question is very simple: does not the slang of the game deserve a conclusion from under the rules of insult like part of game.
This called protection against the fool - protection against the use important functions by incompetent people.

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If you want to use Russian slang, maybe go and play on the Russian realms.


Where you think im playing now buddy?

(Dottie) #10

Then shouldn’t you be on the Russian forums? Also, remember the insult is not defined by the person who said it but the person who received it.


Shouldnt you read op post before answer?

(Dottie) #12

You mean that you got a ban on the Russian realms for saying a word that can be bad and have come to the English forums to complain about it?


I mean exactly what I write.

(Dottie) #14

All you will get told here is make a ticket. Which you have already done.


It wont be effective because

(Dottie) #16

Then that’s all your choices gone. Russian support deal with Russian players on Russian realms.


Russian-language support has bad reputation in various russians wow forums for incompetence and incorrectness which confirmed in my case.
For more correct answers there advised to contact to english-language support.

(Dottie) #18

Support, not the forums, no one here can help you, even the Blues who post here.


As i wrote russian-language support is not willing to help players in some cases and openly show it. If I get here answer how can I get exact wording of actions russian-language GMs representatives of which in conversation with me repeatedly admitted their own incompetence in matters on which they make decisions and get exact wording of forum rules without unconvincing the manipulation of words: by email or any other way that does not include russian-language support will be great!

(Dottie) #20

Being “not willing” and unable to help are not the same thing. Again, you will not get answer here, only via a ticket. I have looked to find the word you say you used and cannot find it. I don’t know if any of the support here can help as they may not speak Russian or know the word you mean.

No CS Support would call themselves incompetent, I have a feeling we are only seeing this from your side. Which is the word is harmless and you shouldn’t be banned. You are not seeing it from the other side, and that is where all the valid opinions come from, within reason.