Captain's Log; Guild Date 5113.5:

Captain’s Log; Guild Date 5113.5:

On the dawn of the Guild’s 14th anniversary, I wake to realise that I don’t remember the last time I actually had a full night’s sleep. I open the window of the room in the tavern which I happened to fall asleep in last night, and breath in the cold ocean fresh air. As the daylight fills the wilds of Azeroth and the birds start to sing on the rooftops of Stormwind, I feel a sense of ease.

The innkeeper must have carried me to this room after I passed out from the fatigue of the celebrations, as I do not remember how I got here. A note lays next to my blood stained bag of gold coins: “board and lodgings covered, enjoy your stay!” it reads.

The innkeeper’s daughter is humming some cheery tune in the hallway as she tends to the other guests. I rinse my face with the lukewarm water from a wash basin she had diligently placed on the bedside unit and begin to wonder what happened to the rest of the raiders from last night’s warband.

A bright start to a new year.


That’s such a long time! Congratulations, may you guys (and gals) have many more fun years together :slight_smile:

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thanks, ye a very long time lol

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