Casters spell locking me with their back to me

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So you can cast spells but have to be facing the target, for the most part with most spells atleast. I didn’t think this BS would fly. Melee have to be facing you or atleast I know I do as a rogue to land kick on an enemy player…so why is it on my druid.

During arena even I’m having most range kicks land on me when their back is towards me entirely, like their not even slanted or slightly aiming towards me its just the shaman runs into range for example. Turns back around to DPS my dps, throws random windshear at me with his back towards me.

Having some light shed on this would be fab if it happens with anyone else cause its getting tiresome to predict when I’m going to get kicked by ranged classes who don’t seem to need to even face me anymore.


If it was vs a lock this happend to you im pretty sure its their pets that do the spell locking. But yeh if its another caster doing this to you with their backs turned then thats a little silly.

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You don’t need to face your target in order to interrupt even if you play with GoSac.

I actually had to check that since i haven’t played with that talent for ages. :joy:

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I mean I tried it myself I had my back to a target dummy in orgrimmar and couldn’t wind shear it on my HM tauren shaman. (Aware to some classes dont need to face you to kick, as im aware things already like polymorph doesn’t require you to face them either.)

You can even go test it yourself for shaman atleast.

I wish i streamed or something so I could prove it with recordings but yeah literally most games now I’m forced to play with talents to out range kick or something else but its disgusting and sad.

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Oh boy. You have to see dem locks that shadow/holy lock you even tho you LoS them.

(Vulrin) #6

I mean I think you see it all when you get stormbolted when your half way behind the pillar tbfh

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Mage can silence like that too. It’s actually a thing, you get in between the healer and target, healer is on focus, you’re turned against the target, you don’t see the healer on the screen, you just watch the focus when he starts the cast. Polymorph is like that too.

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You don’t get it do you? There is difference between LoSing and focusing. LoS means line of sight.

(Vulrin) #9

Who me? No I fully know what LoS and focus target macros are I use them to a lesser extent just for 2’s and referencing to my initial post, most casters if not all cannot spell lock you with their back to you directly as far as I’m aware.

and the remark of stormbolt is just a meme given the fact harpoon doesn’t behave the same as charge where if you were to start charging as they turned the corner it would result in a L-shaped charge but harpoon just cancels and doesn’t go on CD.

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