Casual/Semi-HC Holy Paladin lf raiding Mon-Fri [5/9M BoD]


As in subject, I’m a returning and rerolling Holy Pala (rolling from RShaman), looking for semi-hardcore raiding during weekdays.
Weekends are complete no go for me.

RShaman profile:

Who am I?
In real life, I’m 25-yo BI Engineer working a regular 8-16 job, playing WoW during the evenings, in general from WoD, on a different levels and classes. Since BfA I decided to main a healer, as I was maining healers in all other MMOs I’ve been playing in my life.

I know what DBM, AA, EXRT etc. are. I’m able to analyze my logs by myself or using WoWAnalyzer in order to find my mistakes and potentials to improve and I don’t have any problem in accepting criticism :slight_smile:

I can commit myself in time frames between 7.30PM and 11/11.30PM.
What I’m looking for is:

  • stable raid setup
  • casual, fun atmosphere, but in the same time pushing things to the limit.
  • goal to hit AOTC fairly quick and then hititng up on Mythic (CE as an option).

Ready for both realm & faction transfer.

Hit me up on Glaeran#2987 (BNet) or Glaeran#1494 (discord) if you want to have chat :slight_smile:


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Still actual, so feel free to reach out to chat things :slight_smile:


Here we go again is a newfound guild on the server kazzak, and we are need of players

Our goal is to progress trought the content getting Curve and CE without the stress of the most hardcore guilds.

Our raidtime are from 21/21:30 till 24 SVT to give the possiblity to people to raid at more comfortable hours.

If you are interested in joining or just to have a chat contact me (#gnappy2181 bnet) (murthag#6614 discord)

(#crim2246 bnet)


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