Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes - 10 July


And there are many others!

Thanks for also noticing / mentioning,
A balance change like this should not be in a list of hot/bug fixes without explanation

why are you crying? cant parse vs a priest?

Oneliners like that without anything of substance to add dont help, thank you.
If you have seen my other posts in healer balance tread then you would know this is not the case :slight_smile:

It was purely out of pricipal that such a substancial change seems weird to have listed in a hotfix list without any further explanation on why.

Ive took the time to report it via github and got the following response:

This is Not A Bug.

This was to compensate Grace priests for the loss of Grace double dipping on PoM (a bug fix).
So PoM will do almost the same as 4.3.4 with Glyph + Grace.
It’s a buff to all PoM glyph using priests that aren’t Grace users, but it means Grace bug isn’t reintroduced, and it also means Grace + Glyph priests aren’t nerfed. It would’ve been the difference between 27k heals and 21k heals if it hadn’t been compensated.


With that its clear
In short Holy Priests benefit from this, not discs.
IMO a fair move as holy priests are weakest in terms of tank healing and this will help them a bit.

Account-wide achievements are not working as intented, at the moment they don’t give points to all characters but only to the one you’ve completed the achievement with, so at the moment they’re working exactly like the character-specific ones.

May 14, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Fixed missing text in guildmaster’s Rank Permissions panel so that it is clear that the checkbox controls whether the guild rank is considered an officer rank.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Cockroach Cabins to be uninteractable, preventing the daily “Roach Coach” quest from being completed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with the objects required to complete the “Would You Like Some Flies With That?” daily quest.
  • Mage
    • Fixed a problem with Focus Magic being useable while not talented into it.
    • Living Bomb critical strikes will no longer trigger Ignite. It did not trigger Ignite in original Cataclysm, as even its final detonation was considered periodic damage.
  • Shaman
    • Flametongue Totem will no longer stack with other Spell power increasing effects.
  • Warlock
    • Drain Life will no longer turn its target permanently green until they log out.

We don’t care, add bad luck protection to archaeology and stop ignoring your player base that has been asking for it since the start of the pre patch #fixarchaeology


Blizzard, no one cares about these tiny hotfixes. You “fixed” Mages having fun within half a day, yet you’ve gone weeks without an actual fix to Archaeology.

PUT IN BAD LUCK PROTECTION FOR THE EPICS. Holy crap have you not read any Discord or Forum messages about how many solves people have done and STILL don’t have an epic?

We are literally paying you per month to gamble, which is not even legal. FIX IT!


Bro, even on Retail those Epics where hard to get even today.
Its not a Bug its intentional.

As i said somewhere, cause of this “intentional” archaeology was removed from retail.
No support in classic. Non-existent thing.


Fixed missing text in guildmaster’s Rank Permissions panel so that it is clear that the checkbox controls whether the guild rank is considered an officer rank.

still bugged for me

I guess [Ready, Set, Goat!] is still bugged

Im wondering if it will be worth to play Cataclysm Classic. Dont get me wrong am hyped more than anyone else and I personally find Cataclysm as the best expansion with the best raid Firelands and one of the best PvP Experience.
… But seeing it in this bug-phase and most of the hotfixes are low Qs or some display effects such as drain life makes characters look green rather than more important fixes such as f.e. Guards attacking you every time you teleport… and of course more important class bugs, not working inspect etc.
And their lack of communication about everything is beyond everything.

I would be even willing to spend 80 Euro on Epic Cataclysm pack, but to be honest I do not want to support this mess until we get some good service.

yeah it is

Can we get Warglaives transmog fixed please?


This is the hotfixes we needed. Hurray!!!

Do I understand that if the Rewards were Guaranteed Archeology would suddenly become fun? Does that mean Thorgast and Island Expeditions were fun? Even with Guaranteed Epic at some point Archeology would still not be fun and wouldn’t be revisited afterwards because it would just be “an unfun activity that gives out underwhelming reward” just like the later two side activities were.

why are they only hotfixing quests and something which is not talked about, but everything else player base is complaining about is getting zero attention HUH?


Please double-check the chance of an ilvl 395 item dropping after it has already dropped from another race. There are suspicions that the chance of receiving the item is becoming too small


Was Ulduar mobs (specifically Algalon) hotfixed aswell?
Last week he was doing about 35k dps to tanks with cooldowns! - Doing the last few Herald of the Titans runs before we are no longer level 80 but it has been impossible in the last few weeks!