Catching up on MoP, WoD and Legion


I quit at the end of cata and came back a few weeks before BFA started. Just to find out that there are quite a few things I like and missed out on. And now I’d like to know how much is doable retrospectively from the content of these 3 expansions.

What I’m not interested in:

  • anything that has anything to do with pet battles and companions
  • toys that have no practical use (a basket of roses or a paper airplane would be perfect examples)

What I AM interested in:

  • Transmog stuff
  • mounts
  • useful toys (a wormhole generator would be a perfect example here)
  • unlocking flying
  • reliving the general feeling of the expansion as fully as possible (doing dungeons, grinding rep on lvl appropriate chars and not facerolling everything with a lvl120)

So my questions are:

  1. Does any1 think I’m missing something important from the above list? / What other features are worth researching and investing time in?

  2. Now that legion is over how far can I get in artifact upgrades? (I mean the looks ofc.)

  3. Legion had class mounts as far as I know. And I very much like monks’ talking tiger. Are these still obtainable?

Thats all I can think of right now, I may add a few things later…


The talking tiger is still obtainable. It’s mind-boggingly annoying after a couple of days, though.

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There’s a lot of content between Cata and BFA, like a lot.

Legendary Cloak from Mists, Legendary Ring from Warlords, Mage Tower appearances from Legion, those three are the only major things I can think of off the top of my head here that are no longer available though

Which leaves massive amounts of stuff to do :smiley:
For things like Mounts and Toys, check the Vanity Collection guides for some great pointers
Same for Transmog collections, there’s some great guides to check out that’ll break down where you can grab some nice looking kit.

For Legion Artifacts the only thing you can’t get anymore is the Challenge Appearance, the ones from the Mage Tower fight. The rest you can still collect.

Class Mounts you can indeed still do, you would need to do a bunch of Legion quests to catch up with the requirements (Class Hall and Broken Shore storylines) but it is doable if you put some time asides for it.

There’s certainly more out there as well, like I said there’s a massive amount of content on Pandaria, Draenor and the Broken Isles to collect and find, even a few secrets to discover

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Now this exactly what I needed to know! Much appreciated!

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