Cba to queue for random BG's

premades, premades, premades, premades and if i don’t face compstompers my team consists out of 170-180 ilvl geared people so we get stomped again…

At least 40 player BG’s have less premades. But they suck sooo bad you wanna cut yourself.

GG Blizz! Remove honor requirement for upgrading gear. Just send X amount of tokens by reaching rating X.


By implementing a rating-gating to conquest gearing, Blizzard single handedly killed the casual PvP. Whenever I q BGs; i one shot people left and right unless i face another fella fully geared. Is it fun for me? Yes, but i know i am ruining another guy’s day by landing a 40k demonbolt on his face.

Blizzard is clueless af.


I know man… after a days work I just wanna play 2-3 games max. So i queue up wait 15 minutes get in: BOOM! PRemade! everyone including their moms with 60-62k HP. And then there I am with 48k… Yes! Fun times! And since these people want honor, the premades don’t even do the objectives they just farm the GY…

Yay! How to ruin a game in decline? Ask Ion to be the lead designer :poop:

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even when fully geared solo queueing is so incredibly sad.

premades and this gear disparity have literally ruined random bgs.

the fun quickly dries out the moment you realize that you will need to do it for many hours every day for many days to upgrade your whole gear.
Like look at this char here. I am at rival 2 level, perhaps duellist in near future, do I look ilke someone who is going to grind all of that to upgrade my gear? I am at the level where I am 20 ilevels below than what I should be already.

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