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This might be kinda random, but have you ever thought about blizz adding back the challenge modes and rewards for like a month at the anniversary of some kind, idk, as difficult as they were back then. Just adding it back so people can try to get those xmogs again, its kind of a shame the pretiest weapons are never obtainable by tons of new people (including me).

That’s like half the topics in this board.
The problem is adding a way for people to earn it yet still feel the prestige of owning said old weapons/mogs.

Personally I don’t give a dam, just add a Feat of strength to the ownership, or a little gold ring around original mogs when people inspect for gloating rights.

If people have fun, fug it. Let them have the mogs, more people to play more stuff to actually do.
As for challenge modes, make them available during TW mode.
So Pandaren challenge mode are available only during Panda time walking.
WOD when WOD time walking is up etc etc.

Then you got that time barrier before they bring it back so you can hold the prestige for a bit longer before it gets the gold prestige ring thing.

I get that people feel prestigious when they have something thats no longer obtainable, but shouldnt they feel prestigious simply because they were aible to obtain these mogs? How does it matter when you got it, as long as you got it fairly. I have the WoD horde bike, that thing is no longer obtainable and i dont give a crap if they make it purchasable for gold or something, why even care. Its not like anyones gonna use the same mount forever, same thing with mogs, im sure if i had that sword i would just switch it to something else occasionally. Looking at the same s*it is boring.

I just dont get the point of making transmog unobtainable when, if you play for long enough, you will realize the game just doesnt have enough good transmogs for most classes.

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edit 2: That logic doesnt apply to elite sets since you can buy glad sets of every season with marks of honor which is similiar to elite. Just to the unique mogs.

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I feel like maybe allowing an expansions worth of Prestige is good enough.
Same with things like the mythic mounts when they drop to 1-2% drop chance that’s fine.

You can introduce old items as rewards for things like Torghast or whatever the expansions gimick is. (islands etc) Or add some extra rewards for mythics.
Add mythic tokens at the end of the run you can cash in for some stuff.
As for the gladiator thing. I’d say let people who keep there ranking earn extra tokens for older sets.

Yea, the island expedition mogs were pretty cool, also they dont have to add the same exact things that were in challenge modes back then, just re-colours or something, or rather something completely new. If theres one thing that doesnt need more mogs its back, i have like 20 pages of back mogs. Im not gonna run Torghast to get some back appearence that doesnt fit my classes theme at all and more importantly doesnt fit any set thats in the game except current tiers raid sets. Theres like 10 good looking two handed swords that are obtainable, and still legion artifacts make them look obsolite. Ive been using balance of power ashbringer appearence for like a year at this point. I really hope they will add more appearences to torghast to make it like island expeditions. Noone is gonna ever do torghast for fun, just like noone ever did island expeditions for fun, people still do island expeditions for xmog and mounts, noone is gonna do torghast when it becomes a past expansion thing for some back mogs.

Before I had this helmet I was using the mail helmet from WOTLK since transmog was introduced to the last patch of BFA. some armours don’t look good on some races. Orcs tend to break helmets and decent shoulders so finding something good is pretty hard to find.

As for the Torghast. I disagree.
A few little tweaks here and there and it could be lots of fun.
Replace the grey, dark grey and redish grey with some more colorful and fun things.

Imagine next expansion. They add Torghast to the caverns of time. But make the layers expansion themed. And add area traps you can use on the enemy.
Mop themed floor, with rollable barrels. Self destructing throwable elementals etc etc.
Turn the runs from an hour, to 10-15 minuites a pop, and don’t tie forced progression to it.

Island expeditions problem was, it was fun… but it encouraged you to just get a tank to pull the entire island and cleave it down to just get it over with.
If they did something like, make them include mini scenarios Or drop loot normally then I feel people would be more inclined to try it out as a sort of loot pinata. Or something fun to do between main progression.

It’s something wow is missing right now, content to do between raiding and mythics. I don’t count torghast as that, as it’s mandatory for legendaries to get back half the moves they took away in bfa. So it’s not optional fun, it’s mandatory work.

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