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Hello. I moved to the Kingdom of Thailand in 2021. I have a student visa and a local bank account. An annual housing contract is also open. It is convenient for me to pay for account services in local currency - Thai baht. I try time after time to use technical support, but when uploading documents, a message pops up that “this is not possible at the moment, please try again later.” In this case, the status of the ticket changes to - resolved. I tried this a month ago and now, the problem is the same. Please help me change my region in or tell me what should I do in this situation?

If there’s a problem with uploading maybe just simply try to contact with support with using any other contact type I mean for example try to use hacked account option. Noone here is able to help u with it.

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I don’t know what caused it, but a couple of hours after writing this post, 2 months later, I suddenly managed to send the data and an hour later they changed my region oO. Thanks to all.

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