CHANGE! Scandinavians roll GEHENNAS! FINAL


That’s cool


Ah yes, the famed common sense…how SILLY of me…You are so right, I will follow you wherever you go and agree with whatever you say.

You think you’re smart, but you’re not.

Anyways, can you send me source/proof that Blizzard said a layer can only handle 3k people? Thank you.


Why do you not want to play with me, amigo?
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#203’ 1.27
There is dev video confirming this but I can’t be bothered pleasing you if you haven’t been following the development from the beginning.
It’s not about what it can handle, its about how big the servers were back in the day.


complains on foreign language
posts an site with swedish all over it

du är stupid sverige pojkarna


Cool, a video from May 2019 from a non-Classic WoW Dev. Great job.


you haven’t been following, have you? he literally got invited to a blizzard event where the devs gave him that information themselves, he didn’t just make up that.

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2.5-3k per layer is confirmed somewhere, the only thing we dont know is how many layers there will be per server, most people seem to think 3 layers per server.


I have been following and I am aware he got invited to the Blizzard event, I just feel that Blizzard said layering was “short term” and I cannot believe they expect 3,000 players active at one time on a server…hence you’re original point about layering being active till TBC…so I’m holding out hope/faith that there’s more to play that just a flat 3,000 player count on a layer.

Just my 2 cents.


there wont be 3,000 players active at one time on a server (Untill they remove layering) it’s 3k players per layer so there could be 9k players on a server but the layer is capped at 3k.

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Where do you get these statistics from? 99.99% you say… well thats fairly wrong, lets just say that. Also, im a norwegian and im staying golemagg, several other people I know (scandids) are also staying. Please get your numbers straight before you pull them out of your behind





In conclusion, all Scandinavian men will roll Shaz whilst all Scandinavian women will roll on Golemagg


Hello there my crude friend!

I’ll start of by saying this; As seen in a Discord group with about 4k members. The large majority stays Shazz. Some are going other realms, but mostly because of guild mates, play style (PvE, PvP, RP) etc.

So just by reading the chat on Discord you’ll see “how the wind is blowing”. And people are asking the same question several times a day on there; “Where will you be playing on launch?”, I think I’m fairly in the ball park there.

The same goes for a WoW group on Facebook where there was posted a poll here the other day, and the vast majority of people on there have answered Shazz.

There’s currently a poll going around the Norwegian community, made by the admins of the Norwegian discord community. And when they’re satisfied with the number of participants we’ll have a more accurate estimate of who’s going where. These numbers might be totally different this time, next week.

Also… you should keep in mind that I made that post 3 days ago. A lot have happened since then. The “lay of the land” is totally different today, than it was just 48 hours ago. People are losing their minds today, for some reason.

So please refrain from throwing insults around without basing them on anything other than a exaggerated number, and “old” posts. The world moves on, things change. And people use exaggeration to make their point all the time. That is why we have a word for it; “exaggerate”, right?

Thank you!


The guild I am in (Scandinavian & UK) had names reserved on both Shazz & Gehennas, but are leaning toward Gehennas after the latest announcement from Blizz.


Gehennas is now listed as high pop


Yes but ‘Full’ doesn’t really mean much, since it’s the maximum category. How full is Shazz? If there were more categories like Very Full, or Extremely Full… would Shazz be one of those? The fact Blizz have literally given what seems like a plea… is very telling of the diabolical situation Shazz is in .


You rather see “Hallååå eller?! Små små jävla gurkor på burk eller?” Not sure that’ll be any better.

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On the contrary. Spanish people are much more likely to spam the chats in their language than in English. So I will take my chances with “Hallååå eller?! Små små jävla gurkor på burk eller?”


I hope your community likes queues of 10,000 people for months because that what you will have for staying.