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There was a post published a few years ago about a request of changing the Pandaren’s language. Since Blizzard intends to add some new character customization, I thought they could maybe also get back to that language and put the actual language. Thing is, whether you’re a roleplayer like me or not, Pandarens were always considerated as jokes, like an actual meme race, which I believe really is too bad since it’s a race that had and still has a lot of potential since what we learned about its lore in Mists of Pandaria.

The original post is:

But I’ll put it here also so that we could continue to sign the poll:

"It’s no secret that a lot of people consider the Pandaren, as a playable race, to be a joke. For a multitude of reasons, from their origination (initially an Easter Egg), to their implementation (almost completely out of the blue) to their appearance (they’re all tubby).

Additionally, the pandaren racial language was never changed from its placeholder. A joke that turns all words into “om nom nom” and variations thereof.

I know that only roleplayers tend to use racial languages at all, but why make pandaren sound so silly, in particular? What if orcs just had a language that went “LOK TAR LOK TAR OGAR LOKTAR OGAR OGAR OGAR”, or goblins going “bombs bombs bombs money money gold bombs gold money bombs”.

Do you think pandaren should have their racial language changed to something more respectable? "

Also if you’re too lazy to sign the poll like this post, it will do :slight_smile:

Hoping this will be taken into consideration,

(Азриил) #2

This would actually be funny!

(Laineth) #3

Voted :+1: Although Blizzy ignores EU forums like they ignore AUS/Oceanic forums :sob: Our opinion matters little

(Miraine) #4

I mean. It’d be hilarious and it’s probably an accurate reflection.

Oh and for the link. You can put it in preformatted text without the spaces.

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or lets have some community spirit and :


(Miraine) #6

I’m not quite there yet :smiley:

(Азриил) #7

Soon !

And on topic I do find omnomonoms funny, but I also believe that role-play based requests and demands are fair as any other request and change. I am all for cooler roleplay options and if omnom is just a placeholder, then there has been so much time since Pandaria that they should add something proper already.

But more I think, more I like that bomb-bomb gold gold part of goblins. This should be in game. Totally.


The main reason why I think of them as a bit of a joke is how they arrived around the same time as the Kung-Fu Panda movies.

I wonder if Blizzard lease the rights to have Pandarens from the Kung-Fu Panda movie owners.


Makes me sad to read Aurmance. You’re missing out on a good time. Role-playing a Pandaren gives you a sense of serenity.

Whenever I feel anxious or sad, I log on to my Pandaren and I roleplay, they learnt to live life with happiness and saviour every moment, “slow dooown, life is meant to be savoured” pandaren remind me that it’s the little things in life we get to enjoy as not everyone has great accomplishments. This is what the Pandarens do for me.

Great traits to bring back from the game when I log off.

(Jesi) #10

Nah… It should stay as it is~


Pandaren were established in warcraft lore well before kung fu panda arrived. At this point they were a hodgepodge of Asian cultures (they had a lot of Japanese elements going on). The only thing that changed leading up to their release was they were more lined up with Chinese culture.

But the idea of martial arts wielding pandas hailing from a mystical oriental inspired land, goes as far back as warcraft 3,well before king fu panda. People just conflate the two because they had no visuals in wow until then. Plenty of artwork of them existed however and it wasn’t hugely different from how they ended up. I’d say the major similarity between King fu panda and the wow inception is that pandaren became more of a light hearted race, more comic. Prior to this accounts of them in warcraft lore always painted them quite seriously


nah :smile::sweat_smile:


True! But there was a post about character customizations recently, and apparently Blizzard was paying attention to it, so I thought maybe we could try this too
Obviously if I could post it on the US servers I would

Also thanks for putting the link correctly! :slight_smile:

(Brigante) #14

Fun fact, Pandaren don’t actually have their own language, they speak the language of their old slavemasters, the Mogu.

Mogu suddenly seem less terrifying now that they talk like “Omm nom nom, Om Om Nom Nom”

But I agree, they should change the language, it is possible for them to do it without it being racist, I mean Zandali does actually use some words of Caribbean origin “Obeah” springs to mind, which is an actual religious practice. Likewise Taura’he does use some dialect words from some Native American tribes. It would easy enough for them to incorporate an Oriental -sounding- language (Because some Pandaren NPC’s have Korean and Vietnamese style names) without it being a bit taking the mickey…


I doubt they could find Europe on a map! PRO TIP: It’s the big one ON TOP IN THE MIDDLE


Indeed! A friend of mine told me about it.
Though there are some examples of a potential pandaren language in some OSTs and lorewalkers.
I think too that it could be made without making it racist at all. Didn’t know/pay attention about the Zandali and Taura’he but these are nice examples!


They could also put the two languages if some people necessarily want the “nom om nom” to stay as it is. :woman_shrugging:

(Miraine) #18

If 2 pandaren, 1 alliance and 1 horde talk to each other in pandaspeech. Do they hear each other nom like they’re feasting on something grand?


I think it would work like Demon Hunters. They can interact together whether there’s one in the Alliance and another one in the Horde.

(Solithrien) #20

Yup. As well as Velves and Belves both being able to speak Thalassian. Although I don’t think that Pandaren could always understand each other? IIRC it was a later addition.