Change Tier 90 Row

I’d say Brutal Slash should be a combo dump and basically an aoe version of ferocious bite without the double damage and keep it at a low energy cost so it would be able to remove the need for swipe for ferals (maybe make it a feral exclusive passive where brutal slash replaces swipe).

Talent 1: Shred now cleaves to all bleeding targets and when shred hits only 1 target it deals bleed damage (mitigates armour and can stack with mastery). (it likely needs a reduced base damage to make it balanced so it’s more likely a talent that replaces shred - a bit like the unholy dk clawing shadows ability )

Talent 2: Thorns Talent that guardians have. (less of a competitive talent and more of an open world talent to make us a tiny bit more tanky to chip damage and give a mini aoe damage spike) Plus it could be the default choice for lower geared ferals

Talent 3: Thash can now stack to 3 times and thrashes bleed over time effect deals it’s full damage 30% faster (if it lasts 15s it now lasts say 10.5s) so on single target it would be like having a second rake up but youd have to keep an eye on it from running out.

I like this idea, could be pretty cool - replaces AOE dots with ST burst. Would bridge the gap between the lower keys where primal wrath doesnt get any dmg off before mobs dead and higher keys where primal wrath would take over.

Call it quits and make that baseline - Brambles is the tank talent, when barkskin is active it does damage, like well… brambles. Means we still generate offense when using a defensive. But doesn’t mean much really when faced with other two AOE talents -> Brutal slash or primal wrath - it’d become another dead talent.

Just have the other talent about increasing swipe damage or ‘Swipe now spreads rake to other targets’ would be a fun one. (or brutal slash spreads rake)

or a ST enhancer, so you can pick between different fights, Ie Tyranical would be enhanced shred and Teeming would be Primal Wrath / Brutal slash.

I mean, for me, I never really saw the appeal of Thrash, it’s cost is way too high for the damage it outputs. but stacking upto 3 times might work - though it would be a killer if it dropped off. 40 energy x3, +3 gcd’s. It’d have to passively get added through something else to make it viable. Like Swipe also adds Thrash to the target as a bleed effect - Stacking upto 3 times.

primal wrath baseline and im happy