Changing name and name bring busy

Hello! I would like to change my character’s name to a name I like better but said name is busy. I have looked for the character who has that name and it does not look as though she has been played much. Is there a way to know? If so, is it possible to request blizzard for a possible way to change my character’s name if said person has an inactive account or hasn’t played for a long time?
Thank you kindly!

Yes if the character or account hasn’t been used in a long time, you could ask a gm to free up the name for you. But it depends on how long the account was inactive.

But is it possible for me to check the date of the last login?

I believe they free up names when an account has been inactive for two expansions, I don’t think they will give you a name from a character on an active account though.

You could wait until shadowlands releases and hope it becomes available or just shrug and alter the name in some way and live with that, for instance if it has an i in it could you use y?


Not really only Blizz has the data for that. You could check the armory to see when was their last newest achievement earned, but it could take awhile to look through.

Also if the character that you want the name of is a level 1 or low level, it would be easier to free up the name than if it was a 120.

There is a system in place that’ll free up names from inactive accounts, as long as they have been inactive for at least the past 2 expansions.

That would have last run at the release of Battle for Azeroth and freed up names on accounts inactive during Warlords of Draenor and Legion.

If the name wasn’t freed up then and is showing as unavailable, the earliest that would be freed up is with the release of Shadowlands, but only if the account currently using the name had been inactive for all of Legion and Battle for Azeroth.


Does the whole account have to be inactive or is the character who is holding the name enough?

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i would love to know this too

Entire account yeah.
If they were playing on another character/realm etc, it’s still considered an active account for this.


How does player know - that name account isn’t active for two expansions?

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They don’t. I’d like to have a name that is taken by a level 85 character in dragon soul gear. I have no idea and no indication about the activity of that account.

You think that is bad? I want a name currently taken by a char less than 30 that is naked on Armory. Unfortunately looking at the achievements the owner has clearly completed Mechagon Island and so likely an active player. It’ll be at least two expansions before that name is released and only if they don’t come back for Shadowlands.

If you want to check your one, check achievements for various expanision based ones. I think most if not all are now account wide so you get the indication whether the player is doing them on an alt (which is essentially what I see for mine).

Its not working like that since Legion. Now you have to wait and keep trying to get a nick when automated system will release them.

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Instead of waiting potentially endlessly for it to become available (and being potentially stolen back), I’d suggest just changing 1 or 2 letters. Either to entirely new letters (vowels are good for this) or add an accent on top (ie á é í ó ú).
It’s a little annoying, sure, but this way, everyone gets to use the chosen name :slight_smile:

All the best, and merry xmas everyone! :slight_smile:

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seems like he did some AOTC in Legion but none in BFA. This means, if he didn’t play BFA, I am going to get that name with Shadowlands release?

You could check their achievments and see when they last got one

EDIT: Maybe I should read the other replies first lol

It is unlikely, but you could send that player in-game mail and politely ask them if they would be willing to free that name.

I have several low level and old characters that I don’t play regularly but log in on for some hours now and then, so you might be able to contact them this way.

Edit: if they are willing, a GM can probably help with the technical stuff involved… but wirst case you could still pay for their name change as well.

He needs to be inactive for 2 whole expansions so if that account was active in Legion that name won’t be freed in Shadowlands release.

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I confirmed and the player is active right in bfa, though the character is an alt. A shame, that name would fit my character soooo well :frowning:

Thank you for all your helpful replies!

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