Changing the Queen Azshara Fight

We have a hotfix in testing that we intend to apply to change the Queen Azshara encounter later today:

  • Queen Azshara’s minions now Berserk after 3 minutes in Phase 3 of the encounter on Mythic difficulty (was 2 minutes).

I’m sure the 140 people in the world currently progressing this boss knew already.

Why post this and not hotfixes that actually matter to more than the top 0,00001%?

fix sharding instead

world pvp events = create a group in /lfr -> everyone shard hops, servers lag and free wins


They are changing the mechanics on the last boss to save the face of a bunch of nerds. The players have provided good entertainment for the last two weeks but the progress has been slowed down to a standstill and the streams have become an afk fest full of cheap filler content because there’s nothing interesting left to fill the airtime with.

And it would be pretty embaressing if a certain sponsor kicked the players out of the venue before they killed it on their live stream because I’m sure their arrangement has an expiration date.

I doubt their internal testing team was able to defeat the encounter so making changes on the fly is somewhat expected and reasonable.

give them at least 90/100 days of attempts: old school .
unkillable is not so bad.
just really mythic.

no nerfs, make it harder: minions now Berserk after 30 seconds in Phase 3 of the encounter on Mythic difficulty (was 2 minutes)

make them gain their money.

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