Char limit still active


pretty obvious they copy pasted wrong

previous post said 27th of august, on launch


Screw this, and screw the launch, I’m going out to get hammered.


I can’t make more than 3 either.


It’s not necessarily that the name is super common, it’s just that when 30 000 people are trying to make names on the server as well, everything that isn’t coollegolas or Bigladyfive will get taken pretty fast. If not by legit people, then by farmer who want to sell the names.


Can we have a minute of silence for all the people who lost/did not get their names because of this? sad times


Apologies for the frustration here, this is being worked on as I post this.

We know you’re all eager to get on and claim your names on the new realms and we hope to have the limit removed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!


Trust activision to suck fhit up


HGUTHGJFHFDSAFHGSJ im so pissed now srsly.


Thats actually not a bad idea. No work tomorrow ftw!


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So the char limit wont be lifted until 0.00 i guess?


All goes exactly as I planed it!

(Lønewanderer) #70

Do we need to log out and log back in after this has been fixed or can we just wait in the char creation ?


Thanks for the heads up.

(Danera) #72

new servers up, but char limit not lifted. GG!


working now for eu…

(Postura) #74

mabye reset the servers cause i just screwed alot of people on name claims.


Its lifted!

(Heiligale) #76

YEEE finally.
Limit lifted (at least for me)


This is what i think