Char limit still active


The names are OPEN!




Lost my name porbly bcs of this


27 minutes too late bro. All the good names will be taken.


Good job, Blizzard!! To everyone who was flaming: You will need much more patience when playing classic. Let’s stay positive, the classic hype is insane and so far, Blizz is doing an amazing job! :slight_smile:


Marius, Agdzia, Ancalagon, Tuor, Tanker, Angar, Gorn, Manwe, Alduin, Gorthaur

Amazing names are MINE!!! Mograin


As some have posted already, the character limit should be lifted now so you should be able to claim more than 3 names.


Great, except at this point it doesn’t really matter since you shat on everyone trying to reserve names anyway :))) Good job


Too little too late


I’t working now


My name on the RP came free, so I am a bit compensated, still lost out on 2 other classic names, that I had since day 1.

Pity, it went that way, wanted all 3.


Nobody to blame but yourself.


“Apologies for the frustration here”

Took an hour off work to try to nab the name I’m looking for, didn’t get it because of the character limit which you said wouldn’t be there.

To be fair, it’s my fault - I had 3 names in use already - my backup name, which I guess I’m using now, and two names that I had reserved for friends.
I was just too dumb and took you clowns on your word that you would get rid of the character limit.
By the time I deleted my backup name, the desired name was taken.

You’re not here to help, you are here to save face.
Your apology is useless so keep it.


Indeed, once I deleted backup toon I had to wait 5-10 minutes to get on the desired new server. Which is frustrating because I was already in character creation screen.


Well. We did all want a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It would not be a true replication of original classic without all the launch day drama and queuing to log in. :innocent::joy:


Yeah can’t believe this happened. I couldn’t reserve my name!

Join if you are on Firemaw Server


For what it’s worth, in the midst of all the “FU Blizzard we’re paying for this, u liarzzzzzz”: Thank you, Blizzard. Thanks for the new servers, and a subscription that is actually quite cheap.

The negativity on these forums for a simple mistake from the developer is amazing.


Just logged in and managed to nab all the remaining names i wanted :grin:


Gz, me too! Let the dancing commence!


3 hours, 34 minutes… I… Cannot… Contain… Myself… Much… Longer!!


It’s not “a simple mistake”, its one after another, and each one looks like it’s been deliberate to screw over the people who paid for early reservations.