Character armory?

I’ve been playing wow for a long time now but only recently have I started watching streamers or getting involved with the community, the streamer I watch the most is Asmongold, after watching him for a few months now its left me wondering about my Character Armory, whenever looking through forums half of the posts he views end up being ridiculed or dismissed because of the person being on an alt or not being “Very good at the game”.

Does your Character Armory matter? and if so what about it matters or how do you even go about making it better ? :thinking:

Well armory can be an indicator (sometimes false) when someone is talking hard about raiding and m+ and there is not a single raid or m+ run on his armory, some people claim he is theorycrafter and have no voice, it can be false because that person can raid hard and do alot of m+ on other character. Armory matters because i believe raidbots simcraft takes data from there, but at the end of the day it’s worthless.

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Oh, I see :smile: that makes a lot of sense thank you!

Look at mine, you’ll see i haven’t done a single non LFR raid since legion and even that was a normal.

This means that i’m part of the very glorious and superior class of players called the “LFR heroes” and that i deserve your respect on everything i say especially about raid and class balance.

Outside of this kind of thing it doesn’t really matter as ilvl isn’t that hard to come by anymore. Maybe some mythic raid pieces would still have meaning, or CE achievement but that’s about it.

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Good mog gives you +5k dps and +1k confidence.

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