Character customization

(Romano) #1

15 Years and still cant change Eye colors etc. low budget games have 1000 more choices. Why not WoW where we pay every Month?

(Someoneelse) #2

Yes, yes, yes.

(Tahra) #3

While I agree with you that I’d love to see much better character customization; unfortunately we are stuck with a 15 year old engine. And a game which Blizzard wants to be able to run on most PCs.

I’m not sure they could even do it, keeping those 2 things in mind.
But oh man, do I wish they would.

(Romano) #4

If they dont want to change the System they still could give more collor options at least thats a 1 days job for a Stundent

(Tahra) #5

Seperating eye color from face customization would take a lot more time and programming (not even sure it would be possible with the engine it has).

Making more variations of heads with different colored eyes; yes that’s easier, but here’s where my 2nd point comes in… Way more options to load up whenever there’s other players on your screen takes processing power and/or memory. It might not seem like much, but think of how many races there are. Times 2 (male and female) and multiply that by whatever number of extra options you would like. It adds up quickly.

(Romano) #6

you can have 25 different weapon enchants, dont think they would be loaded differently and when they updated the models they already changed them all so just make more options


Because they are just born like that, WoW is a cool game :slight_smile:

(Romano) #8

making every angry face have the same eyecollor is racism ^^ haha

(Livía) #9

Got to love the new hairstyles they teased on blizzcon a while back that never made it to release.

(Tahra) #10

That’s 25 effects. Effects aren’t textures (perse).

Let’s say you want all the current eye colors to be available for all the different faces (not a weird request to make, right?), that’s many hundreds of extra textures the game has to load. It’s much much more than 25 effects (which are used a lot less overal too).

Look, I don’t want to argue with you about wanting customization; I’d LOVE more customization.


This line saved your point of view.But let’s be honest here it won’t take Blizzard so much resources at all to make more customization options for characters just take a look at those low budget :poop: MMOs even they have more customization options
for chars and I can run those games on my :potato: PC from way back so please don’t give me that argument that wow needs to update because of it I mean wow is runing on 15 year old engine.

Edit:these 2 low budget MMOs had more customization:Metin 2 and old AION for example.In fact AIONs engine is 11 years old.

(Someoneelse) #12

Source please.


Yes I agree it is but it’s old in a way and needs some more customization and just a small graphical overhaul in my opinion at least.


Yea link source or it’s fake :laughing::+1:.

(Tahra) #15

AION’s engine is a different engine. Designed specifically with that kind of customization in mind.
They can’t just switch out one engine for another. That’s not how it works.
They did a lot of wonderful things with WoW’s crappy 15 year old engine, but I’m not sure it could do some of the things people would like.

I’m just trying to make some people understand that it’s not all as clear cut and simple as they might think.

But yeah, I would absolutely love way more customization. I’d even sacrifice WoW’s ability to run on older systems, but I don’t think Blizzard shares that view.
I guess that’s why I’m trying to look at this topic as realistically and rationally as I can; to keep myself from being disappointed.

(Lyonidus) #16

I know it’s very minor but as a Blood Elf you actually can change your eye color.
Albeit there’s only 2 colors available but you can change it.

(Tahra) #17

That’s one single race. And only 3 faces you can do it on.

(Uruk) #18

I mean, WoW can’t run on older systems anymore. It requires one heck of a processor, else it runs like crap. Source: My own potato. I can’t even do a WQ without the game crashing.

Fun fact: It can run GW2 on max settings without any issues, while even on lowest settings, I crash while in any post MoP zone or Orgrimmar.


Wish I could change my DK’s eyes to either green or red, the blue clashes with the look of some transmogs.

Instead I’m forced to wear this helmet to simulate a different eye color.

(Lyonidus) #20

That’s why I said it’s very minor.

That’s why I only quoted that specific part of OP’s post, because technically it’s wrong.