Character stuck for months

Hello everyone…

my character Rusul - Argent Dawn EU is stuck for months now. I still can’t teleport, use HS or anything else.

It’s stuck in twisting nether floating in air.

I tried to submit bug and ask for help in game. Request is being processed, but it’s never really done.

Please help… it’s been like this for months.

Kind regards

Hi Aegnes,

We’re not able to assist here directly from the forums. Can you open an ingame support ticket explaining the problem and Customer Support will assist from there. :slight_smile:

Hey Ferumlac,

the problem is I’ve been trying to do that in game for months, as I said above, but I just keeps being processing but it’s never processed. Bugged totally.

Kind regards

It sounds like you’re trying to use the Self service “unstuck” option and it’s failing :frowning:

Can you try here to open a direct ticket to Customer Support to assist? You can explain the issue there and a Support agent will answer the ticket as soon as they can :slight_smile:

Tried using the character unstuck tool? I had similar problems and it worked well.

It doesn’t always work so the OP could try another browser or even from their phone.

Hey guys,

no, nothing worked for me unfortunatelly. Nothing in-game at least.

I can record video, but I can’t link it here for some reason too.

Kind regards

To link, place it between two ` symbols.

It’ll be like

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Have you followed Ferumlac’s link and made a ticket? If you explain the automatic unstuck option doesn’t work, they’ll have a look and see if they can shift you. I’m not sure what you’re trying ingame, but it’s pretty obvious you need to make a ticket.

Hey Ananda

Look I think I explained myself already.

I tried opening ticket in game gazillion times!

It just says: “We’re processing your request. Please leave this page open and we’ll update you as soon as we’re done.”

Going afk for 1, 2, 5 or 24 hours and coming back and its still the same. As if my message was being processed but it’s never done. So opening ticket is stuck too!

I can do this another 100 times and it will be the same. I cannot DO ANYTHING IN GAME!

I hope I was clear now.

I just wish someone with power would look into it… it’s been like this for months now…


Dottie suggested using another (phone) browser as well, you hadn’t mentioned that you tried that yet. Certain AV’s can block pages from working properly.

Edit: That is an ingame ticket, but not the site ticket according the imgur page.

Hey Saneko,

I’ve done it in 2 different browsers now, built-in and Chrome. Another loop, request being processed and I guess I can stare in mobile for hours now.

I can link screen recording if you need?

Yet Ferumlac’s link is not ingame. It’s a link to the support section here on the website. So have you tried both completely separate ways to make a ticket? It’s a bit hard to tell.

I hope this answers your question:

On mobile at least I got to phase where I can select character (after about 10 minutes of being processed) but then I got the message you see above.

Can you finally try it on a new browser on your PC without one single addon with 3rd party cookies enabled. Like Firefox/Edge or something.

Atleast on my side it went through under a minute, kind of baffled hmhm.

Hey Saneko,

My profession is web data analyst, I have several Chrome profiles with addons and without, I used 2 private ones, also one without any addon + deleted cache.

However I will still follow your instructions and try maybe Firefox and Opera tomorrow on laptop. I’ll let you know what happens.

Yeah me too, it’s very weird. I hope this is the last time I go afk while flying through zones hehe.

It’s weird it happened on PC, laptop, mobile and in-game.

Is it possible because I own 2 WoW accounts under 1 Blizzard account?

Well, have a great evening, will get back to you tomorrow. And thanks for your time!

Kind regards

Unlikely, but the more we check off the closer we could get to figuring out what the cause is for the root problem hmhm.

Have a good evening.

One blue suggested incognito mode in chrome.

The image links seem to be the unstuck option. Did you manage to make a ticket in this website. I would suggest you turn off all security software while trying too but as a web data analyst, who is more on the statistical side, you would have tried that first.

btw did you use the WiFi or your data connection for the phone test? Also home or office connection. I was recently in an office that wouldn’t let me log into anything or even view the forums here.

Every one of those screenshots seem to be showing the automatic unstuck option.

So no, it doesn’t seem as if you’ve tried to make a ticket. Just been trying to use the automatic unstuck in every case.

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That could work. Also Edge as Saneko suggested above which seems to work well with Blizzard stuff.

I hadn’t looked too closely but I think you’re right.
There’s a difference between automatic unsticking & writing a ticket to Support.