Character transfer: cannot access character

Bought a character realm transfer about 48 hours ago. Payment went through; I’ve got a receipt. I bought the service about 15 minutes before the server (sylvanas) was shut down for maintenance, applied it to my character and chose Kazzak. Almost 48 hours has passed by the time of writing this, and I cannot find the caharacter in my character sheet on this website either. I fear the worst… Please help!

I did ofc send a ticket to Blizzard support yestarday as well.

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I cannot log in on Sylvanas either. I haven’t been able to see the server for the past two days. I’ve tried every option including this:

Nothing seems to work. I can see all my other characters on other servers but Sylvanas has been missing since the maintenance. This is happening to a friend of mine as well.

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