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Sorry guys I’m thinking on transfering an alt from a realm to another and I saw there is an option that makes you pay 5€ more and you can extra faction change in adition to the character transfer. Now my question is this, since I always wanted to try void elfs, is it possible to roll void elf instead(that is ally faction) after the transfer? Or you can only choose from horde side factions only?

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If you have unlocked Void Elves then you can faction change to a void elf.

Edit: If you are moving a hordie - otherwise use a race change

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If the character is Alliance, the faction change will only allow you to choose any Horde race that is available for your class. If the character is Horde, you can choose Void Elf when you faction change, assuming you have already unlocked Void Elves for your account.


I’m alliance and I wanted void elf…to do race change it’s extra 25€ so instead of char transfer + faction 25€+5€ I have to pay 25€+25€…that’s why I asked.

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Yikes, that deal is likely to be because people move servers and faction to play with their friends.

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I don’t get that offer, if I choose to do a character transfer, I get the option to add a Faction Change but it adds up the two costs. So £19 for transfer plus £27 to faction change (£46 total) to move server and change to Horde.

A character transfer and race change would be £19 each (£38 total) if you just stayed Alliance, moved server and race changed to velf.

Is there some special offer on somewhere?

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If the alt is Horde then you pay a server transfer fee and a faction transfer fee, there is no discount. Also you need to have unlocked Void Elves on the account.

In UK money that’s £46.


For me it’s 25€ for normal character transfer from Nemesis alliance to Sylvanas alliance for example(it’s what I’m trying to do). Then I can add for only 5€ extra faction transfer as well so that’s a 30€ total for both char transfer and faction change. But I’m humain rogue and would want to become void elf(and yes I have the class unlocked ofc). I still didn’t understand if I can do that or I must pick only horde faction races…I’m guesing the second option:(

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I don’t know how you are getting that special price but sadly if you want to be a velf you wont be able to use that deal. I even went through the motions of looking to move a character and I get no offer of a discount.

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Unfortunately you cannot faction change to the same faction. It only works Horde -> Alliance or Alliance -> Horde


Mmmmm maybe it’s because I’m on a dead server, Nemesis it’s an italian realm and it’s quite empty and I’m transfering to sylvanas wich is eng server and quite populated.

Edit. Nvm my bad I think I saw things wrong coz now it adds me extra 30€ for faction change so yes, class change it’s cheaper.

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Not sure, I just tried one on mine and it would have cost me £19 + £27 = £46 for a transfer and faction change.

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