Character transfers STILL not working. Still fails , still get “An error was encountered. Please try again later”. FOR THREE WEEKS!

I missed Wrath launch and pre-patch in it’s entirety……Please help me someone.

After many weeks of Blizzard telling me they were attempting to fix the issue that won’t allow my characters to transfer, they still have not managed. Both Free and Paid transfers for my characters still fail, and i then get an error not allowing me to try again. I’ve tried to move away , both from servers Hydraxian Waterlords and Lakeshire, so it is not a “server specific” problem like i was assured before.

Can someone please do something? I just want to play this game with my friends. Now i have to wait 10 days for another standard response to my ticket. I would love a human to answer me for once, tell me what is actually going on with my characters and why it’s only me and a few others it happens to. Please.

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